Blogmas Day 6: My Favourite Christmas Music!

Tomorrow I’m going to drag out my vintage Samsonite suitcase and open it up to an explosion of Christmas decorations. But this isn’t my decoration post, oh no, this is my Ultimate Christmas Music post that is going to be on repeat all day as I dance around like a idiot eating a Terry’s Chocolate Orange and spreading Christmas cheer in the form of light up Polar Bears and Tartan Reindeers. I’m so excited for it.

I couldn’t find a relevant picture so have one of the massive Santa watching over the Manchester Christmas Markets.

I’ll be listening to an old family classic. The Rat Packs Christmas album and you can find the entire CD on YouTube here! Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr and Frank Sinatra. Could anything be more brilliant? My family has played this every year for as long as I can remember and I’m still not bored of it. The best song, at least in my opinion, is the Live version of Marshmallow World sang by Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin. They look like they’re having so much fun together and you can watch the video from 1967 here!

Also, you are doing yourself a disservice if you don’t check out this playlist full of vintage Christmas music that I challenge you to listen to and not feel in the mood. This was when Christmas music was original and great, there’s no auto-tune in sight, just honest to god brilliant singers. Perfect.

And lastly, a new favourite of mine is Michael Bublé’s Christmas album. Generally I prefer the classics but he’s stolen my heart this year. Definitely worth a listen. And the whole thing is on YouTube if you want to check it out here!

I hope this helps get you in the mood. I certainly feel more jolly!
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Blogmas Day 5: Beauty Review: imPRESS Press-on Manicure!

I don’t generally go for fake nails after fearful memories of being younger and having those £2 ones that you glued on with a super glue like nail glue that would peel half your nail off with it when it came to taking them off, so I didn’t buy these when I saw them in store and I’m glad I didn’t. This is a negative review folks, hold onto your hat.

imPRESS Press-on Manicure set

Application was pretty easy, you figure out which ones are the best shape for your nails then wipe your nail with the prep pad, you can also use nail varnish remover as only one comes with the pack but I always feel a little weird leaving that on my nails because it’s so drying.

What the imPRESS Press-on Manicure nails look like on

Mine lasted 3 days before I got way too irritated to have them on my nails anymore, they made my cuticles itchy and it felt like there was pressure on my nails. Removal was relatively painless in comparison to the ones I uses to glue to my nails when I was about 12, the sticky part is soft enough that you can (with a little force) peel them off but I found it easier to run them under very hot water and pull them down off my nail with tweezers. A little of the sticky gunk hung around but nothing a good scrub wouldn’t get rid of and my nails were undamaged which I liked, they just needed a good rubbing of Lush’s Lemony Flutter.

The gap under the imPRESS Press-on Manicure false nails

I know under nail pictures are weird but I had to show the gap between my nail and the fake one, I could fit one of the nails in-between it and often did when I was fidgeting.

Gaps between the imPRESS Press-on Manicure from the nails from the side

The main problem, they just don’t fit! Maybe my nails are just weird but- c’mon. There was a huge gap and they just did not look good at all.

So- would I buy them again? No, probably not. It was the constant hair getting caught in them! If you have a pixie cut then sure but my hair is long and kept getting caught in the gluey bit because of the gaps. And washing my hair? Nightmare. Goodness. But I know some people love them so I’m curious, have you tried them? Did you like them or did you find them annoying like I did?

And if you still want to try them out you can check out their range online at Boots here.

*These came in the goodybag at FABBloggers Manchester event. This hasn’t changed my opinion… Clearly!

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Blogmas Day 4: A Festive Lush Haul!

I have a massive link between Lush and Christmas in my heart, it’s just always got me in the spirit, especially after working there last year at Christmas time.. So I have a haul to show you today and if you have anything you want to see a review on, just let me know.

A group of lush products from the 2013 christmas collection

So in a little more detail..

Bûche De Noël, Let the Good Times Roll and Santa

Bûche De Noël Cleanser. I love this as we move into December, it’s just nice to inject a little Christmas wherever you can and this smells amazing. Like marzipan and fruitcake- it’s basically Christmas cake in a cleanser.

Let The Good Times Roll Cleanser. If you get one thing from Lush this Christmas, make it this. I spoke about this in detail on my old blog here but in short, a cake scented cleanser that gently exfoliates and leaves your skin deliciously moisturised.

Santa’s Lip Scrub. This smells exactly like cola, exactly. But the taste is a bit off, either way it’s a great little thing to have handy if you have dry lips then need a scrub. I always say I’m sure you could make these pretty easily but seriously- who has the time?

Christmas Eve Bubble Bar, Star Light Star Bright bath melt and Snow Globe soap.

Christmas Eve Bubble Bar. I buy one of these every year for my mum to use- you guessed it, on Christmas Eve. It’s become a little bit of a tradition now. It smells like Jasmine and is perfect to relax with before the big day. I’ll be doing a full review on this later on in Blogmas.

Star Light, Star Bright. This was a new product this year and I knew I had to get one. These are very lemon/lime and maybe not a traditional Christmas scent but it’s very cheery. And they get silver shimmer just about everywhere, I’ll be trying this one tonight!

Snow Globe Soap. My hand soap of choice for in the bathroom, I tend to stock up on this as well and it just smells lemony and fresh. Fun Fact: This was the only soap to sell out before Boxing Day at the Lush I worked at last year.

Cinders Bath Ballistic, Snowman Bath Ballistic and Melting Snowman Bath Melt.

Cinders Bath Ballistic. I didn’t get any of these last year for some reason and smelling this, I have no idea why. It’s a very warm cinnamon and perfect to pop into a hot steamy bath on a cold night. Just smelling this made me feel jolly.

Snowman Bath Ballistic. This is Butterball but cuter, it smells like vanilla and cocoa and is just a really smooth gentle scent. They too tend to be a little oily so I’ll probably end up splitting this little guy in two.

Melting Snowman Bath Melt. How cute! This little guy is definitely one to put on display in the bathroom. I can normally get three baths out of him too. I can’t put my finger on the scent but I only really buy him because he’s cute and always leaves my skin really smooth.

Phew! I think that is me done for a whole month of Christmassy baths. I tend to do a big stock up on Boxing Day as well as everything is usually 50% off but my local Lush has actually shut down (boo!) so I may have to venture online this year. God help me. I also picked up something for a giveaway I’m doing at some point so look out for that!

Do you like Lush at Christmas? What is your favourite product?
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Blogmas Day 3: By the End of 2013..

There are 28 days left in 2013, how scary is that? I thought today I’d blog about a couple things I want to get done before 2014 arrives just to make December a really good month. I read you’re more likely to do things if you tell people you’re doing them so here we go.

Finish Blogmas. Blogging every day is hard, I don’t know how people do it. I went to see a friend of mine today and realised when I got home that I had nothing to blog about, it took me a good twenty minutes to come up with this list but hey. I already know what tomorrows post is about though so that’ll be okay.

See my brother get married and have a really nice Christmas. Oh yeah, it’s a busy month on the family front. My older brother is getting married on the 21st so we have cousins and aunties and uncles and grandmas and everybody coming from all over England and Scotland to join us for a couple of days then leaving us with just my two cousins, aunt and uncle for a fairly quiet (for us anyway) Christmas. It’s going to be a lot of fun.

Listen to the Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Audiobook. Lately I’ve been reliving my childhood by listening to the early Harry Potter books read by Stephan Fry, except I’ve swapped the blue and red cassette tapes for iTunes. I listen to it a lot when I’m tidying and cleaning, and considering how much of that needs to be done before my family visits, I think I’ll be able to do this one, no problem.
Make a Buche De Noel. I say I will every year and never do but I saw it on The Great British Bake Off Christmas Masterclass and was inspired! If you’re in the UK you can still watch this episode on iPlayer till the 7th of December here so hurry, and take notes. Yum. I’m excited for this one.
But you can only make so many lists before you have to stop procrastinating and just do it..

What do you want to get done by the end of December?
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Blogmas Day 2: Best Harsh Winter Skincare

With Winter comes skin trouble but the cold has finally set in to the point where even my winter skincare isn’t cutting it. The wind is whipping round my face every time I open the door and the chill has crept into my little attic home where the radiators often fail. But here I have a couple products that may help, if you are struggling like me with dry painful skin.

Products I recommend for winter skincare

Origins Drink Me Up Intensive!
I normally use this as an overnight mask once or twice a week, but in the winter it gets pulled out every day or every other day. I talked about this on my old blog twice here and I still love it. I slather this on, breathe the gorgeous apricot smell in deep and go to bed. When I wake up my skin is moisturized, soft and plumped up, ready for makeup. Perfection. 

You can get it from Boots here!

Hand Cream, my favourite at the moment is Laidbare’s ‘In Safe Hands’*!
Ah, our hands. They really get the brute of the winters strength and hand cream often lies forgotten at the bottom of my bag. But! My tip is to put them everywhere. Spread out your hand creams, depot if you don’t have a unnecessarily large collection like mine and leave them in handy places. On your desk, by your bed, by the sink, next to the kettle, anywhere you can think of, and apply every time you see them! Your hands will thank you for it.
You can get Laidbare’s offering here!

A thick lipbalm, I recommend the Nuxe Reve De Miel or Lush’s Whipstick.
These are for overnight, a nice thick layer that has sunk in by morning and leaves you with soft lips ready for the days lip product, rather than dry cracking lips that don’t accept moisture. If you get in a good habit of applying lipbalm and hand cream before bed, it can actually help your sleep hygiene and routine, helpful come Christmas Eve! And both my recommendations smell like Chocolate Orange. Yum.

You can pick up Nuxe here and Lush’s offering here!
Lush’s Lemony Flutter!
The best cuticle balm ever. Thick, lemon sherbet scented and you can use it on your elbow and knees and any dry spots that need major moisture as well. I’ve even been known to use a little on my forehead and nose where I get really dry. It is a godsend. I can’t say enough great things about it.
You can get this from Lush here!

I know it’s hard when the outside is cold, you don’t feel like guzzling down water like you did in the summer but you still need your 8 glasses a day. Personally I like to sit at my desk in the morning with a few cups of tea, then in the afternoon I switch to green tea, all the while carrying around a bottle of just plain tap water. But there’s something so comforting about tea in Winter that I just can’t explain. Either way- Drink something!

What are your Winter skincare must-haves?

* This was received at the Look Fantastic Mid-Summer Meet. I am not obliged to show it on my blog and I have since bought two more tubes with my own money because it’s damn good hand cream.
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Blogmas Day 1: My Christmas Wishlist!

I always say I can talk myself out of buying anything, I’ve been known to talk myself out of buying anything from a 17p pack of gum up to a £500 plane ticket. I am the master of notbuying things. So this list is everything I regret not buying over the last 12 months/ my Christmas Wishlist. Enjoy!

Snooki Slippers! I love them. I love Snooki. These are the most comfortable slippers on the planet, they’re like walking on clouds and I want them in all the colours. I have them in Leopard and Pink Leopard already and I just want more! And on the subject of Snooki; Gorilla Beach by Nicole Polizzi! I’ve read the first of her novels and it’s actually really good and a great holiday read if you want something fun. Maybe it isn’t literary genius, but that’s overrated anyway. It’s nice easy reading with good plotlines and developed characters and I’ve wanted to read the second one ever since.
Victoria’s Secret Yoga Pants! My gym wear tends to be oversized sweatpants, a teeshirt and a hoodie but I want to look a little more put together and I think these are the way to go. My friend Ashley swears by them and I trust her opinion completely. And since I’d be going to the gym- A Toblerone and a Terry’s Chocolate Orange! Christmas chocolate classics! Everybody needs one of these in their stocking.
The Frasier Boxset! I love this show! I have the season 1 boxset from forever ago and I watch it on the internet on and off again and it really is a great show. So I’d like to own the whole 11 season boxset. I tend to buy from iTunes but £230.89 for 11 seasons! Appalling. Especially when you can get it on Amazon for £49.99.
Whittard Teas! I love them but I always forget to buy them when I’m near a store so this is more a reminder to myself to pick some up ASAP. Perfect for the cold months ahead we are predicted ahead. I could drink them out of these ever so slightly condescending Grammar Mugs. I’m not saying I’m the best at grammar, I make mistakes, but I feel I would make fewer mistakes with these mugs. Yep. I really like them. I literally need one. Okay I’m done.

Speaking of mugs, this NightVale Mug and these NightVale Bumper Stickers are pretty awesome. Oh and this Intern shirt. I’m really loving Welcome to Night Vale lately. 

I’m redecorating my room at the moment just trying to make it a little more- me. And this Doodle Pillow Case and this Doodle Duvet Cover are just perfection. Who doesn’t have brilliant ideas just as you fall asleep. Now all you have to do is scrawl it on your sheets and they wash out. Genius.

Lastly! I swear this is the last thing and a bit of a pipe dream, Animal Crossingor the Pokémon Nintendo 3DSxl!I love Animal Crossing and Pokémon, and my old DS is really really battered and torn apart after having it for.. 5-6 years? Maybe longer. tweeted about the poor battered thing back in July and it has lost even more of the plastic cover since to the point where I’m weary of being electrocuted!

That ended up a lot longer than I meant it to be! What’s on your wish list?
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Yes, I am doing Blogmas. I’ve only just started this blog but I thought- hey, why not? Vlogmas are my favourite videos to watch on YouTube from about September onwards and I know people do- Blog your socks off September, Blogtober, etc. But for me I wanted to do Blogmas. I love Christmas and it made sense to me! Then I saw on twitter that Cole was doing a #BigBlogmasProject and thought it was a great idea and a fun way to get involved with a lot of other great bloggers. They’re even doing twitter chats on Mondays and Fridays and you can follow their twitter here to be kept in the loop.

So! Starting on the 1st of December I will blog every day until Boxing Day and I’m really looking forward to it. I already have a few ideas up my sleeve.
Are you doing Blogmas? Leave me links! Leave me ideas! Leave me requests!

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Autumn is Awesome Tag!

I thought I’d ease myself back into blogging with a nice easy tag and this one was so cute, I just had to, even though Autumn is nearly over- I have 4 more days! This is a tag by Rachael Whitehurst, one of my favourite Youtubers, and you can watch her video here.

I was struggling to find a picture for this post but flicking through my albums I found this one which just screams early Autumn in England to me!

1. Favourite/least favourite thing about Fall?
My favourite thing would be the return of my favourite TV shows or the change in the weather. I hate summer, the heat and the sun, it’s not for me. 
My least favourite thing would be that it gets so hard to take decent photographs as the sun is out for about two minutes a day in England at the moment.

2. Favourite clothing item for Fall?
I recently got a new coat from ASOS that I’ve had my eye on for months, I snapped it up during the 20% Student Discount time and boy am I glad I did. Green is my favourite colour and this Ted Baker Jacket is a wool/cashmere blend that is so lovely and warm. I love it. And it’s on sale right now. For less than I paid. Isn’t that always the way?

3. Favourite makeup trend for Fall?
A little Snow White-ish. A pale base, simple eyes and dark lips. 

4. Favourite fall food/drink?
Favourite Fall food would be Oranges. I’ve been eating about 3 a day, it’s a bit ridiculous but they’re so tasty this year.
And favourite Fall drink would probably be tea. I love tea as it starts getting colder for warming me up and sipping in front of the TV.

5. Fall TV show premiere you are were looking forward to most?
The Walking Dead! The Walking Dead! The Walking Dead! The Walking Dead! It’s back and it’s awesome. I love it. 

6. Favourite Fall tradition?
I don’t really have any that I can think of! I guess making the christmas pudding is a big one in my family. And doing my Fall clean, my house is invaded by family over Christmas so I spend all of Fall cleaning and on the 28th December they all go home and it looks like a bomb has gone off.

I tag everyone but specifically; Ashley from Legally RedheadSiobhan from Siobhan EmmaAngela from Paper Love StoryVicki from Lets Talk Beauty, and Grace from Grace Talks Beauty. All of whom I have had the pleasure of speaking to whether it be Skype, Twitter or even in person and they’re all lovely women who I recommend to everyone. <3
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On the 6th September 2011 I wrote my first post on my old blog, and now I’m writing it again. I wanted a new place to blog, a little less beauty and more- a little bit of everything. Probably still a lot of beauty though. I’m really excited to be blogging again after taking a few months off, I missed it. So! Hello! I’m Imogen and  I hope to be posting more interesting things soon.

And please excuse the theme, I’m still ironing it out.

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