Podcast Love #2: Teen Creeps!

I’ve never read a Christopher Pike book in my life. But boy, I know a lot about his body of work! I started listening to Teen Creeps over the summer and I haven’t really stopped since. When I finally finished the backlog of over a year’s worth of episodes, I just started right back at the beginning!

I love this podcast for a whole host of reasons; firstly, I never read teen YA pulp as a teen, I skipped right over it and terrified myself with some Stephen King so it’s nice to actually experience that. One of my Hallowreadathon reads is probably going to be the only R. L. Stein book I own; a never-returned-to-the-school-library copy of The New Year’s Party, because I’m starting to feel like I missed out. Although, I never had to read about a perfume bottle that possesses you with some sort of evil twin from ancient Egypt. So- you win some, you lose some.

The hosts are great. Kelly Nugent and Lindsay Katai are the kind of people you want in your earholes, on your Twitter feed and just generally around the internet. They don’t just talk about the books. They go off on tangents, prompted by the plot or characters, about their past, feminism, love, depression, politics, relationships, racism, a little bit of everything! There are times when they will say something like; I can’t believe I’m about to say this then share something super personal that totally resonates, or I’m crying laughing.

Teen YA pulp from the 90’s can be a real mix of the good and the bad. There are teenage clichés, a lot of rape culture and so much incest. And Kelly and Lindsay don’t shy away from critiquing the books they read. Which led to my favourite sentence from the podcast ever (not including all Kelly’s creepy baby talk):

“There is that story out there, there is that story somewhere, but that needs to come from someone who has experienced it.”

I started listening to this podcast because I love listening to people talk about books they’re passionate about even if I’ve not read them. But what I got was so much more. It’s like listening to two people become best friends over hours of conversation, like eavesdropping but you’re welcomed in to listen. Kelly and Lindsay are my favourite hosts of all the podcasts I listen to, and Teen Creeps is my go-to when I’m having a hard time and need to laugh.

So check Teen Creeps out! Start at the beginning, or if a lot of swearing endears you- try the episode with Jackie Johnson. It’s my top pick episode with a guest. You can listen on iTunes, they have a website and a Twitter. And keep it creepy.

Did you read YA pulp as a teen? What did you think of it?
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Podcast Love #1: Welcome to Night Vale!

I couldn’t figure out how to talk about podcasts on my blog. A currently listening to post? Some kind of monthly wrap-up maybe? It didn’t fit until I was looking through old posts and found my Blog Love series. Then it clicked, a Podcast Love series where I share a podcast that I adore and tell you why you should listen to it! And how could I start it with anything other than the first podcast I listened to. The start of it all for me.

Welcome to Night Vale book, podcast and mug.

Welcome to Night Vale is a fortnightly 20-30 minute podcast set in the small fictional town of Night Vale; where the sun is hot, the moon is beautiful, and flashing lights move overhead while we all pretend to sleep. Essentially it’s a community radio show set in a seriously strange town, hosted by smooth-talking Cecil. The show is diverse, it’s weirdly comforting and always positive, and it’s the kind of podcast you can listen to in the dead of night when you can’t sleep. Taking twenty minutes out of my day to rest and listen to a Night Vale has always been a great self-care exercise for me.

It’s been going for almost four years now so there’s a lot to catch up on. They say you can just jump on anywhere but the early episodes are definitely my favourite. A few people I know have stopped listening to the current episodes, and I tend to find myself going back to listen to older episodes, but I still think it’s great now too. There’s also live shows, I went to the one in Manchester and it was fantastic, and a novel. Not only that, it’s the first podcast I’ve seen to bring out books of the scripts, which is great for people with hearing difficulties.

If you’re intrigued, you can download it from iTunes or find out more on their website. And I’ll leave you with the quote that helped me through some rough times, and had me falling completely in love with Cecil and Night Vale…

“Sometimes you go through things that seem huge at the time like- a mysterious glowing cloud devouring your entire community. While they’re happening they feel like the only thing that matters and you can hardly imagine that there’s a world out there that might have anything else going on. And then the Glow Cloud moves on. And you move on. And the event is behind you. And you may find, as time passes, that you remember it less and less. Or absolutely not at all, in my case. And you are left with nothing but a powerful wonder at the fleeting nature of even the most important things in life. And the faint but pretty smell of vanilla.”

Have you listened to Welcome to Night Vale? What is your favourite podcast?
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