Nail Polish Dupes: KIKO Grass Green/ OPI Forrest My Case/ Essence Beijos De Brazil

The other day in an attempt to organize my nail polishes I split them up into basic colour groups and these three rolled together. After the shame wore off I decided- hey, at least I can compare them and see which is best so nobody else has to end up with three identical green nail polishes. One will do, I promise.

KIKO Grass Green / OPI Forrest My Case / Essence Beijos De Brazil / Essence Beijos De Brazil

KIKO Grass Green 
This is slightly paler than the others but it’s much more noticeable in the picture than real life. I wrote an entire review of this one here! But basically- a bit of a pain, but par for the course as far as green nail polishes go. In the UK I think you have to order KIKO online so this might be more hassle than it’s worth.

OPI Forrest My Case 
This was the worst application for me. It went on really streaky and took ages to dry. It is my oldest of the three though. Maybe that made a difference. But it’s identical in colour to the next one so you might as well get…

Essence Beijos De Brazil*
This was the best. The application was thick but didn’t take ages to dry and Essence brushes are wide and have a curved end that means even with difficult green polish- it took one or two swipes to get the nail painted and ready. Essence is slowly taking over as my favourite place to get nail polishes, the quality is on point, the brushes are amazing, availability is rising as they spread over the UK and the price is unbeatable.

So surprisingly, the OPI nail polish was the worst- although that name is the best! My favourite was the Essence one, in price, brush and quality.

Have you ever tried any of these? Which was your favourite?

*I received this at the Essence event I went to last year but it hasn’t changed my opinion.
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Beauty Review: Elegant Touch Polished False Nails in Red

So it’s been a while since I did a beauty review, huh? I’ve been wanting to get back into them and thought I’d dive in with a review of the Elegant Touch Polished False Nails in Red. These have been knocking around my place for a while but it’s been a long time since my nails were short enough for me to need them! Alas, I had a mishap with a pile of books.

Elegant Touch Polished False Nails in Red box

This set came with 24 nails in ten sizes, the adhesive tabs and a buffer. They were the short style in red.

Back of the Elegant Touch Polished False Nails in Red box
Instructions for the Elegant Touch Polished False Nails in Red

The instructions were simple enough! Pick out all the false nails to match the size of your own, buff (I always skip this step for the health of my nails), stick on the adhesive tabs and remove the backing plastic, apply the nails then rub them for five minutes to make them stick. To get them off, wiggle and pull. Simple!

adhesive tabs for the Elegant Touch Polished False Nails in Red

The adhesive tabs were a bit of a pain. They didn’t really fit my nails and they were quite thick but easy enough to apply. I did have to cut some down to size though. I feel this step took the longest time and could’ve been easier.

Elegant Touch Polished False Nails in Red on the nails

And this is what they look like on! They’re actually not too bad, they fit pretty well with just a little gap at the sides sometimes and even though the adhesive tabs are thick- they are close enough to the nail that things don’t get underneath them. Except for hair. Putting my hair up with these is a pain. Basically, all the problems I had with the imPress press-on manicure were okay with these except the hair thing.

Rubbish of the Elegant Touch Polished False Nails in Red
And there is quite a bit of mess at the end! 
Have you ever tried these nails? What did you think?
*I was given these at an event. I am not obligated to talk about them.

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Loving Lately: Matte Glitter!

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, even the bees are buzzing and last week I discovered a new nail look that I love. A matte top coat on top of glitter nail polish. Revolutionary! Well, maybe not for the world at large, but it is for me.

Putting a matte topcoat over the glitter was just a way to pass the boredom and frustration of writers block but it’s actually super pretty. Plus, it tones down the whole glitter polish look just enough that it’s not so in your face. It’s a new favourite for me, especially with Models Own Emerald City glitter and China Glazes Matte Magic!

What do you think of matte glitter nails?
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Beauty Review: KIKO Cupcake Nail Lacquer in Mint

It’s Lent at the moment and despite not being religious, I’ve given up chocolate so I obviously have show off my most Easter Egg-y nail polish. This makes my nails look like a Mini Egg (my favourite chocolate of all time that I’m craving so bad right now) and I love it.

655 – Cupcake Nail Lacquer in Mint
I’m not generally a fan of textured nail polishes, but this one is slightly different with the gritty bits being different colours to look like sprinkles! This is a super easy polish to use, I just needed to put on three coats and it dried so quick it took no time at all and didn’t need a topcoat. Getting it off wasn’t as hard as you’d think either, sure it’s no plain polish but it wasn’t as bad as glitter. 

What do you think of textured nail polishes?
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Beauty Review: KIKO Nail Lacquer in Pearly Golden Green!

A b-e-a-utiful NOTD today. I can’t stop glancing at my nails! It’s one of those nail polishes that just brightens your day to look at and is possibly my favourite colour of all of the KIKO polishes I picked up. You can see the others here!

533 – Nail Lacquer in Pearly Golden Green
You have to be really careful with this one to get very thin layers as it’s not the best at drying the thick layers but the formula makes this pretty easy and it’s super opaque because of the pearl in it! Love! You can get away with two thin coats because of the shimmer but I liked three because I like a bit of thickness to my polish.

Don’t you just love pearly nail polishes?
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Beauty Review: Formula X – Drawn To You!

Today I have to show you todays festive nails. Yes it’s another green, but not from Kiko! I bought the Formula X glitter nail polish in ‘Drawn To You’ in Rome and hauled it here. It’s a beautiful gold shimmer with green glitter at about €15 a bottle, a little expensive but it was a holiday treat.

I put one coat of ‘Drawn To You’ over OPI’s ‘Jade is the New Black’ to get this effect. It was literally one coat to get this effect, the shimmer is so packed in. It’s not as pretty on it’s own as the gold shimmer doesn’t make much of an affect on nude nails but over dark polish, amazing. I love this glitter.  As for the polish, it was a great formula and dried quickly. It did need a top coat to stop the large glitter being rough but it lasted a long time. The pictures were actually taken on the fourth day! Pretty good for a glitter.

What do you think of ‘Drawn to You’? What is your favourite glitter polish?
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Beauty Review: Sephora Instant Nail Polish Remover for Glitter!

Now I hauled the Sephora Instant Nail Polish Remover for Glitter and Nail Patches, Nail Tattoos, Pen… What a name. Anyway I hauled this here and I’ve been trying it out for a couple months whenever I paint my nails with glitter and sometimes when I’m too lazy for normal nail varnish remover, so here’s my review!

Pretty simple instructions!

I’ll keep this short and sweet, we’ve all seen and heard the great things about nail varnish remover pots and the only thing different with this one is that it has a rough sponge in the middle and the liquid seems to be pretty dang strong but. This works.

Gone are the days when I would sit around with cotton balls soaked in acetone wrapped in cling film around my fingers for ages and still have to scrub to get it all off. Or, if I’m being brutally honest here, I would let my hands soak in a hot bath then peel it off.  No, it’s not ‘instant’ but we’re talking a minute or two to twist and scrub my nail varnish off and do a job that would normally take twenty and leave me with wrecked nails. Totally worth the €9ish I paid and I would again.

Have you ever tried this? What do you think of nail varnish remover pots?
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Beauty Review: KIKO Nail Lacquer in Lime Green

Another day, another NOTD post. I love this one though, I have it on right now and I keep looking down as I type because it’s so pretty and shimmery. I have nothing else in my collection like this and weirdly, this seems super Christmassy to me. I can’t figure out why though- can you?

268 – Nail Lacquer in Lime Green
This guy, as you can see, is pretty sheer. I had to put on three coats to get the look above and it’s still see-through but I didn’t need a topcoat as it is super shiny. I personally love the sheer look but you could always use a white base under this one if you wanted it to really pop or save it for nail art looks! As I mentioned in my last Kiko NOTD, their polishes all have really lovely wide brushes which kept this from getting too streaky as well.

What do you think of sheer nail polishes?
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Beauty Review: KIKO Nail Lacquer in Grass Green!

Three guesses what Imogen’s favourite colour is? Way back when I was in Florence I happened by a Kiko Cosmetics store nearby the pizzeria I frequented during my stay and picked up some nail polish while I was there as they are all super cheap and a couple were even on sale. I got 7 of them and I think I paid around £10. I’m finally getting around to wearing them and blogging about them so look out for a fair amount of green nails on the blog over the next few weeks!

KIKO Nail Lacquer in Grass Green!

391 – Nail Lacquer in Grass Green
This one was actually a bit of a pain compared to the others! It took absolutely ages to dry and took three coats to get a nice even finish. It really needed a topcoat to add shine and even it out but I have an OPI dupe and it’s the same story with that one too. I think it’s just a problem with bright greens but I do love how it looks. So cheerful and perfect for Christmas tree nail art! Kiko polishes all have really lovely wide brushes similar to OPI too- no cheap brushes here.

What’s your favourite nail polish colour?
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Beauty Review: Orly Glosser Super High-Shine Topcoat!

A review for you today of the Glosser Super High-Shine Topcoat by Orly* that I’ve had for about a year now and never reviewed even though I use it quite frequently! I don’t have much experience with Orly, they’re not hugely available in the UK but they seem to be more popular in Boots these days and I hope they start releasing their holiday colours over here soon because they have some gorgeous Christmas colours.

Orly claims that Glosser will give ‘lasting protection and super-slick shine’ as a topcoat.

Before I get into it I have to mention to bottle because the lid has a grip handle which is amazing, it’s really easy to open and helps with shaky hands application. More companies need to use it, it’s genius.

Now this is a very thin formulation, which is both a blessing and a curse. It’s great because since it’s thin, it doesn’t need long to dry. But if you don’t get enough on the brush you end up with brush strokes on your freshly painted nails and the colour of you nail varnish stuck to the brush. Not fun.

The shine and gloss claim I don’t really see that much, it’s shiny but so is pretty much every topcoat. And I don’t think it makes my nail polish last a huge amount longer either but it’s alright. I’m ambivalent to it. I think it’s just an average product with a good bottle so I’m not sure if I’m going to repurchase this even though it lasts an age, I just prefer something with some sort of drying quality.

Want to buy it? It’s £9.95 for 18ml here! Or from my favourite eBayer it’s £4.35 here!

Have you tried this top coat? Tell me your topcoat recommendations!
*I received this at the Manchester Summer Meet, I am not obligated to talk about it and it has not changed my opinion.
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