Beauty Review: Lush’s Rosie Gift!

With Spring in full swing, it seemed like the right time to review Lush’s Rosie gift set and it’s contents! It’s such a beautiful present that I saved the wrapping paper, now I just need a DIY to use it. Any recommendations or ideas would be much appreciated! I’ll find something. It’s super pretty paper and matches the greatness of this gift.

Beauty Review: Lush

This may be one of my favourite Lush gift sets. It comes with…

How about some reviews, eh?

Rose Jam Shower Gel

I’ve never been a Lush shower gel kind of person. The soaps always interest me more because of the colours and textures. But I actually love this one, a little goes a long way and the scent is actually noticeable- something I can’t say for all shower gels. You can’t buy this separately at the moment but it’ll probably pop up in the Kitchen eventually.

Rose Jam Bubbleroon

It’s love when it comes to this bubble bar. The Rose Jam Bubbleroon smells, unsurprisingly, like rose. I managed to split it in two and both baths were bubble-y and perfect. The thing I love about bubbleroons is the bath melt centre that stops the bubbles drying out your skin and can be really moisturising. It’s a bit pricey at £3.75 but it’s a nice treat. I’ll pick it up again!

Tisty Tosty bath bomb

On the other hand, the Tisty Tosty bath bomb left a lot to be desired. There was nothing fun about it unless you like sharing your bathwater with seven gooey rose buds, no colour to the bath water and the smell was an overpowering floral perfume. At £3.50, I just didn’t get anything from it.

Jason and the Argon Oil shampoo bar

I love a good pun so this Jason and the Argon Oil shampoo bar was right up my street. I’m not blonde but it made my hair really shiny and soft without irritating my scalp like most shampoos. I haven’t had a shampoo bar in a while and forgot how much I loved them! This one is available here for £5.95 and I’m already thinking about which I’ll buy next.


I’ve had Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner before and didn’t rate it but I actually like it second time around. It’s perfect for those days when I know I’m not going to be bothered putting on moisturiser when I get out of the bath/ shower. My skin doesn’t feel as good as it would if I moisturised but it stops the tightness that comes with dry skin. I’m just not sure I’d repurchase it at £16.50 for 225g when it just goes straight down the drain…

Overall, I love the Rosie gift. It comes with a good selection of things to try and even if I don’t love them all, I know I’ll be repurchasing a couple. You can get it here for £24.50 and it’s perfect for any birthdays coming up!

What do you think of the Rosie gift?
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Earlier this month I was emailed about the #GeorgeSecretSanta for bloggers and you can bet I jumped right on that. I love gifting things I think people will really enjoy and get a lot of use out of, and who doesn’t like getting gifts? So I found out who I was gifting, creeped on them, spent hours trawling through the George site and finally put together a list of gifts.

After that was sent off, I checked the mail obsessively one day a massive parcel arrived. I admit, I screeched. So what did my secret Santa pick for me?

My Christmas tree is a mish-mash of decorations collected by my family for longer than I’ve been alive, and this jolly little Santa is going to fit right in as a reminder of my secret Santa. He’s so cute with his pink cheeks and nose! Basically, the classic Santa from my childhood. I love it.

If there are two things I love, they are candles and mugs. The candles are decorating my bookcase right now and look festive without being obviously Christmassy. I’d leave them up year-round. And the mug! I collect mugs and remember looking at this one on the site thinking how I’d probably buy it for myself. Secret Santa is an actual mind-reader.

Winter is a chilly time but I’ll be battling that with my new slippers and hot water bottle. Is it weird I’ve never had a hot water bottle before? Clearly I’ve been missing out. This one has it’s own sweater. I’m all for inanimate objects having clothes.

I could also keep warm by having lots of hot baths with this Beauticology kit. This contains bath salts, a loofah, vanilla frosting hand cream, toasted marshmallow body lotion, frosted cranberry body créme and spiced orange body wash. I’m going to smell like a cake.

And probably my favourite presents. This cute as heck pillow and nordic blanket. I’m redecorating my room at the moment and these are going to fit perfectly as my walls are white and my carpet is going to be grey. The blanket is so soft and fuzzy, I’m currently wrapped up in it.

Thank you to my Secret Santa, George at Asda and Talented Talkers for my gifts. They are perfect. You can find all these gifts and more in the George Christmas Shop!

Did you do a Secret Santa this year?

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Beauty Review: Lush’s Sweetest Thing Gift!

It was a sad day when I realised I haven’t been buying a lot of Lush lately. My local store shut down and I have a dislike for the £3.95 delivery fee on their website. But my mum works near one of the stores and she kindly bought me the Sweetest Thing gift on a whim one day (thank you mum!). And I’ve been hearing some rumours about the Christmas line, consider me interested in Lush again.

Lush: Sweetest Thing Gift! Pink Fun, Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly, Bubblegum lip scrub

The gift comes with three products; Fun in Pink, Sweetie Pie shower jelly (no longer available except in this and the Sugar Sugar gift) and Bubblegum lip scrub.

Lush: Pink Fun

Fun has been out for a while but I’ve never picked up a… Bar? Wedge? It’s never really been cute enough for me to reach for it. But I’m glad I got to try it! It has the same scent as the Creamy Candy bubble bar and Snowfairy, so basically it smells like candy. It claims to have four uses; solid shampoo, bubble bar, soap and well- Fun. As for actual uses? As fun it’s neat, and for soap it works great but as a bubble bar it leaves lumps at the bottom of your bath and as shampoo, lumps in your hair. So it really depends what you want it for.
 It’s £5 for 100g and it can be bought on it’s own here!

Lush: Bubblegum lip scrub

Bubblegum lip scrub is a pretty well known in the beauty blogosphere. It’s a lip scrub that does the job and tastes like candy, what’s not to like? Of course, it’s probably very easy to replicate but that’s a whole different cost vs. worth, time is money thing.
It’s £5.50 for 25g and you can buy it on it’s own here!

Lush: Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly

Sweetie Pie is no longer available on it’s own. Which is devastating because this is one of my favourite Lush products. It smells like the Comforter, and is basically jelly soap- so much more fun then shower gel or bar soap. I’m glad that I have a tub to savour. It’ll be a dark day when I finally finish this.

Lush do some pretty great gifts in my opinion. Full of good stuff? Check. Pre-wrapped? Check. Decent price? Check. And in this case- the lip pops off easily if you want to add extras. Personally, I like to add something that shows some extra thought, a nail polish or a lipstick.

The Sweetest Thing gift costs £14.50 and can be bought here!

What do you think of this gift? Would you buy it for someone?

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Gifts: For Nerdy Beauty Lovers!

How is that for a specific audience! I thought I’d write a bit of a gift guide for the nerdy beauty lovers, because personally I love putting make up on that has a bit of a reference to the things I love most. I’ve hauled some Indie Cosmetics before and let me tell you, there’s nothing quite like using ‘Smell Ya Later’ on the lid, ‘I’ll Move that for You’ in the crease, ‘You Know Nothing’ as a highlight with ‘Why Not Zoidberg?’ on the lips. So here are my top picks for making your nerdy beauty lovers, or your own, make up routine a little more cheerful!

Are they a Peggy Carter fan? Hayley Attwell recently tweeted about the lipstick that Peggy Carter herself wears! It’s 1946 – Red Velvet lipstick from Bésame. It’s the perfect red lipstick for taking no shit, shooting at Captain America to test his shield and being an all round inspiration. And with the new Agent Carter TV series premiering in early January, this gift would be pretty well timed.

So they’re a Marvel fan, they like red lips, Shiro Cosmetics has your back with the Red in my Ledger lipgloss. Or are they more into eyeshadow? The entire The Earth’s Mightiest Heroes collection from Shiro is pretty beautiful in my opinion with names like “I Understood that Reference” and “That Man is Playing Galaga”, any Avengers fan would probably be pretty pleased to find these in their stocking. If you’re still not convinced then check out the art. I need it all!
Shiro also do collections for Sherlock, Game of Thrones, Minecraft, The Hobbit, Legend of Zelda, Fullmetal Alchemist, Hunger Games, and Pokémon fans. So you’re pretty covered! I use their eyeshadow every time I do my make up and it’s all amazing quality too.

Or if the nerd in your life likes their nails, then you might want to pop over to Espionage Cosmetics where their nail wraps, especially if they’re Borderlands fans. My favourites though are the Harley Quinn nails and oh- the tentacle wraps are so pretty!

Etsy is a feast of great things for nerds, and you support some pretty great small indie brands at the same time. If you know something that your nerd likes, a search will generally bring up some amazing results but I have to bring to your attention this store; MeLissa Lacquer who have some of the prettiest nail polishes that is still accepting orders. I’m lusting after Joker Here, Oh Captain, My Captain and Caped Crusader.

I’d love to recommend Geek Chic cosmetics too but they’re now shut for orders for December, so I’ll just be here pining over The Pie Hole Scent collection until they open again! But hopefully this gave you some ideas!

What do you get for the nerdy beauty lovers in your life?
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Gifts: For Bookworms!

For me, the hardest people to buy presents for are bookworms. I know they like books. I know what kinds of books they like. But I know what kinds of books they like because they already have those books so unless I’m told explicitly “I want this book by this author,” then I have to think a little outside the box. These are the five gifts for bookworms I’ve found!

Last year I got my dad the Bookrest Lamp (£36.99) from I Want One of Those and he loves it. He says it’s the best gift I’ve ever got him (no pressure for this year eh?). This lamp is house shaped and is designed for the bookworm to rest their book on, while saving their page. I honestly think I’m going to buy one of these for myself one year.

If your bookworm is also a camper, or likes to read in the great outdoors then this Fully Booked Tent is so cute! It’s a bit pricey (£189.99) but I couldn’t not show it. It fits two, has the cover of The Natural World and opens at the pages.

Another gift idea is the Spineless Classics posters (£24.99-£44.00) that use the words from the book in the shape of instantly recognisably imagery from the story. They have a wide variety of books to chose from; The Great Gatsby, Alice in Wonderland, James and the Giant Peach, Pride and Prejudice, Trainspotting, Wuthering Heights and Life of Pi. And there are a couple more on Amazon if none of those take your fancy too. Personally I think these are so classy and prefect for if you know they like a book enough to want it up on their wall.

I couldn’t do a gift idea post without mentioning a subscription service. I think they’re such a lovely gift because they continue on for a couple of months and give the receiver something to look forward to in the bleak new year. And the one I love is Prudence and the Crow, a vintage book subscription box at £12 a month that offers 1, 3, 6 and 12 month subscriptions. I got a 3 month subscription for my mum for her birthday this year and she was really excited every month when it popped through the letterbox. Each package comes beautifully wrapped with a vintage paperback and a few extras.

Lastly, another thing something my dad and I both have is the Moleskine Book Journal (£12.59) for keeping track of what we’ve read and what we thought of it but while looking for this, I found this Book Lover’s Journal that seems pretty neat too and is a little bit less expensive (£10.06). Book Journals are so handy to have for readers that maybe don’t have Goodreads or maybe just like writing things down! I use mine for recording quotes and amazing writing I find as I read.

What do you get for the bookworms in your life?
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