Finished Products of October!

Seriously. How is it November? If anyone knows, I sure would appreciate a heads up about why this year is almost up! Anyway! One more quick not to apologise for how quiet it’s been on the blog. I’ve been hit with a spot of wrist pain which makes typing quite difficult and a big deadline tomorrow! Hopefully I’ll be back on form soon. So lets look at what I finished up this month.

Berlin i+m Shampoo.
I’ve mentioned this before on the blog as I finished another tube of this last month! It’s gentle on my scalp and hair while washing well. I love it, but this is my last tube. I don’t suppose I have any German readers that want to do a swap? :’) 
Repurchase? I wish!

Berlin i+m Conditioner.
I didn’t like this as much as the shampoo as it was a little too watery and weak to have a big effect on my hair. However, I can see this being great for people with hair that gets greasy quickly but still needs nourishment. It’s also vegan, silicone free, artificial ingredient free and preservative free. I need to try more of this brand.
Repurchase? Maybe..

Make Up For Ever Smoky Lash mascara, £18.50.
I’m a little disappointed in this mascara, mainly because I just didn’t get much use out of it. It was very dry when I bought it and just did nothing but add clumps to the base of my lashes. I don’t know what I did wrong with it but that wasn’t for me. Which is a shame because it was very pricey. 
Repurchase? I don’t think so.

BarryM Lash Vegas, £6.49.*
I was given this at an event a while back and when I got round to using it, mascara everywhere. This was so liquid it just never seemed to want to dry and I could wait an age but the first time I blink, panda eyes. Not a fan and I’m surprised because BarryM normally does such great things!
Repurchase? Definitely not.

*I received this at an event but I am not obligated to talk about it and it has not changed my opinion.
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Finished Products of September!

Second day of October, second post of October! I love this month already, that and I’m feeling very halloween-y this year. Anyway I started my Finished Products series again in July and am glad to actually have some empties because I didn’t in August!

Sephora Aqua de Rio Handwash.
I bought this back in May and hauled it here! This is really good soap, which is quite an odd thing to write but it lasted for absolutely ages and smelled b-e-a-utiful. It’s a shame it was Limited Edition.
Repurchase? I wish!

Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm, 100ml – £36.
I liked this, it worked well with my dry skin and I found the way it turned into a milk made it easier to remove than my normal oil cleansing. However, it didn’t work as well and I’m back to pure oils now. I might try looking for a cheaper alternative for those lazy days when I don’t want to faff around with a flannel.
Repurchase? Too rich for me.

Berlin i+m Shampoo.
This was actually a hotel freebie but damn is it a good one. Vegan, no silicones, artificial ingredients or preservatives and smelling like lemons, I wish I knew where I could buy this in the UK because I’d be all over it.
Repurchase? Trip to Germany anyone?

Dr Bonner’s Magic Soap in Unscented, 16oz – £10.88.
Oh the ol’ Dr Bonner’s. Is anyone not using this to wash their makeup brushes at this point? It just works so well at dissolving the makeup and dirt, washing the brushes to a point where they look brand new all while not drying the bristles out. Amazing. Even if the philosophical writing on the bottle is a bit much.
Repurchase? Sure! But I think I’ll go for a scented one.

Lush’s Sonic Death Monkey Shower Gel, Not available right now.
Chocolate-y lime shower gel? Perfection. The smell is so good I just want to eat it and it foams up nicely with a little bit so doesn’t dry my skin. It’s one of my favourites from Lush but is unfortunately discontinued. And yessssss to that name. I’m a big High Fidelity fan.
Repurchase? Yes! Hopefully it’ll come up on the Kitchen soon.

Have you tried any of these? What did you finish this month?
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Finished Products of July!

I’m resurrecting an old series here, I used to do Finished Products posts over on my old blog and they were always my favourite to write so I’m bringing it back! In the blogging world it seems like it’s always the new that gets the most attention but I like the empties posts about products that have been loved enough to be used completely- or just used up to clear space. These are the products I finished in July…

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Body Lotion, 400ml – £3.43
Oh Palmers. I love you. Palmers body lotion is exactly what I look for in a moisturiser; it’s thick, creamy, sinks in really well, doesn’t make my hands sticky and smells ah-maz-ing. It also helps with scars and stretch marks which I have a fair few of and my skin always feels smooth for days after I use it.
My only problem is that it contains Palm Oil, which if you read this post where I talked about it a little you know is having a big impact on animal welfare.
Repurchase? I am going to email Palmers about the palm oil first!

OPI Nail Laquer, no name or price.
Isn’t orange nail polish perfect on shorter square nails in the Summer? Every orange polish I’ve tried takes 3 or 4 coats and this one was no different. A little streaky, a little thin but totally work it for how nice it looked- even against my pale as heck skin.
Repurchase? I love the colour but I have a Nails Inc dupe and won’t be running out soon.

Molton Brown Radiant Lili-Pili Hairwash, no longer available.
I actually got this from a hotel, if you believe it! Nothing quite like nice quality samples, am I right? But to be honest I was expecting a lot more from this. It was a nice shampoo, not too stripping but did the job and it wasn’t too drying either but there was nothing- special about it. It was just a run of the mill shampoo for me.
Repurchase? Not even if it was still available.

Elemis Soothing Apricot Toner, 200ml – £20.50
I’ve reviewed this before in April here and my opinion hasn’t changed. I still love the scent of apricots and it is still moisturising and lovely to apply. A treat at the price but well worth it in my opinion. My skin feels better for using it and my moisturiser goes on easier.
Repurchase? I already have!

So that’s what I finished in July! What did you finish?
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