Loot Crate Vs. My Geek Box: Heroes Vs. Quests: August!

Today I’m comparing two nerdy subscription boxes for you. The popular Loot Crate and the newer UK My Geek Box. Loot Crate did ‘Villains’ last month and came back with ‘Heroes’ this month, and My Geek Box had the theme of ‘Quests’.

Two boxes of greatness.

Firstly, this months Loot Crate. I was so excited about this with the massive hype surrounding the Loot Crate exclusive Funko. Unfortunately my Loot Crate was majorly delayed and they had to send out another one but it came today and I was thrilled. Mainly because of the exclusive Funko everyone was raving about for the entire month.

HELLO GROOT. This thing is freaking adorable! Really nicely made and a welcome addition to my desk- I also really want the Baby Groot bobble head which is coming out in December too. How many Groots are too many?
Then came the Shwings which I’m currently deciding which pair of shoes I want to put on. You just have to thread these into your laces and you’re ready to walk super fast!
Confession; I’m not a big Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fan, never really got into it so the Leonardo figure and sunglasses went right over my head. I’ll probably pass them on to a friend but I can see them being really exciting to someone who knows the franchise!
This Sonic the Hedgehog air freshener from Epic Scents is so cute, I wish I had a car to put it in! And this magnet needs a home ASAP. And as always it came with the monthly badge and magazine, as well as digital loot for free/discounted games.

So this was actually my first My Geek Box as I was looking around for a UK alternative that might be a little cheaper. I think My Geek Box is going to do great things, I’m looking forward to the next box (Theme: Apocalypse) and I think it’s great to support a UK company. But they don’t have the same pull over the industry yet like Loot Crate does. I’ll be interested to see where they go!

It came with; a Hodor Funko Pop! I’ve seen that people got different ones from Game of Thrones and if I’m honest, Hodor isn’t my favourite but hey. And in keeping with the Game of Thrones theme, a Greyjoy bookmark. Again, if I had to pick one house in GoT I disliked the most it would be the Greyjoys but that’s the risk you take with these boxes.
Next is a Lord of the Rings/ Reservoir Dogs mash-up t-shirt. I’ve never watched Reservoir Dogs but I have a buddy who would love this. And in keeping with the Tolkien theme, 4 The Hobbit postcards. This felt a little cheap, I’ll admit. And lastly some Harry Potter Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans. These are disgusting :’) I have terrible luck and keep picking out grass ones!
Overall the whole box was a little hit and miss for me, I would’ve liked it a lot more if the Funko Pop! was a character I liked and the bookmark was a house I liked but hey.

Another thing to consider is the marketing that both companies do. It’s a little confusing so bear with me. Loot Crate spend a month talking about the upcoming box, people have up until the day before they get sent out to subscribe, the box gets sent out then they start talking about the next box! Whereas with My Geek Box you have until the 31st of the month before to sign up, they’re send out on the 15th but start talking about the next box on the 1st of the same month. So there was little hype about the Quest box for the 15 days before it came.

Want to sign up? My Geek Box is £16.99 a month and Loot Crate is £18.36 a month plus £1.25 as a ‘non-sterling purchase fee’ if you’re with Santander weirdly but they generally have 10% off for new subscribers! Both have discounted prices if you go for 3 or 6 month plans. If you- like me- are pretty much just interested in the Funko Pops! then you might want to pop over here where if you buy 2, you get 10% off!

What do you think of these two?

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*My Geek Box is an affiliate link, as is the IWOOT link, to help for me to pay for more nerdy stuff! If you sign up with my Loot Crate link I get $5 off my next box, which is cool! 
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The Battle of the (Hair)Brushes!

Tangle Teezers, No Tangles, Tangle Angels. When it comes to these detangling hair brushes that are everywhere it’s hard to know which one is the right one for you and your hair type, so I thought I’d do a little comparison post of the three I’ve tried that are all around the same price range.

So let’s see how these three compare, shall we?

The Tangle Teezer
Now I bought this so long ago. It was literally in my first haul on my old blog which means this baby has lasted over two years and is still going strong! It was my first try with detangling brushes and left me liking them, but not loving them. I stuck with it though and kept using it until I was presented with something better.
My main problem with the Tangle Teezers is the shape, it doesn’t fit my hand comfortably and the design of it lets in water and lets out water all over laptops sometimes which was fixed with the Aqua version but I just want a handle on my hairbrush, call me old fashioned.
It detangles fine, and I think it’s really good for people with normal to thick because the bristles are quite long and firm.

These are found at Boots and they have a variety of colours you can check out here ranging from about £10.99 to £12.49.

The Macadamia No Tangle Brush*
My personal favourite! This is the best of the three for me, it has a handle and long sturdy bristles for my thick hair. It’s solid but the lightest which means no tired-brushing-arm, and comes in my favourite colour- green. It can get through wet and dry hair with no problem and is the only one I reach for these days. It’s only downfall is that the name which was on the back, rubbed off after continued use but that really doesn’t matter.

These are on Look Fantastic and come in the Green/Brown version I have with a 10ml of oil for £14.25 here and a bright pink for £9.95 here.

The Tangle Angel**
Now I’ll admit, when I first saw this I was like- wow. It’s a pink angel shaped brush, which isn’t quite to my taste but I have a friend who loved the look of it so that just shows that taste is subjective. But I wasn’t a fan of this brush, the bristles were just a little too flimsy and a little too short for my hair which is slightly on the thicker side and wavy, it just couldn’t reach all my hair. Although I did love that it had a handle.
This would be great for kids, I hated having my hair brushed when I was little but if my brush was kind on my hair which this is, and shaped like a pink angel I think I would’ve sat down and been quiet.

These are found at Look Fantastic in a assortment of colours for all your angel shaped hairbrush needs here around the price of £9.95 to £12.95.

So in conclusion, The Tangle Teezer might be easier to find in stores and preferable if you prefer a hand-held brush, but I’d recommend The Macadamia No Tangle Brush especially with it being on sale right now, but if you have thinner hair or kids then The Tangle Angel might be a good choice!

Do you have any of these? Which is your favourite?

The Tangle Angel** was a PR product. The Macadamia No Tangle Brush* was received at an event. This has not changed my opinion on either product and I am not obliged to show them on my blog.

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