Comic Books I Read in.. March!

I actually read a graphic novel and enough comic books to write a separate Comic Books I Read in.. post this month! Pretty exciting. I really felt like picking trades up this month, they’re quick and easy to read while complimenting the shows I was watching. I need to start on some single issues soon because they’re really piling up, but for now…

Comic books and a graphic novel I Read in March! Including Green River Killer: A True Detective Story by Jeff Jensen and Jonathan Case, Supernatural: Origins by Peter Johnson and Matthew Dow Smith and  The Walking Dead: Book 1 by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore and Charlie Allard

Green River Killer: A True Detective Story by Jeff Jensen and Jonathan Case
I actually said ‘wow‘ out loud in an empty room after finishing this. Written by his son, the story of Detective Tom Jensen’s search for the Green River Killer rings true. It has everything you want in true crime; honest interviews with the killer and the victims families, personal moments, gruesome killings. And everything you want in a graphic novel; the phenomenal art is black and white, and it manages that delicate balance of enough words on a page without overcoming it that every graphic novel struggles with, beautifully.
The back is coated in positive comments from Stephen King, Damon Lindelof, Brian K Vaughn and more, all of whom agree with me that if you have even the vaguest interest in graphic novels, non-fiction or true crime then this is the book for you. My brother got this for me after my obsession over Christmas with Making A Murderer on Netflix and I can honestly say if you enjoyed the show, you’ll love this.
The question now is- where do you put a true crime graphic novel? With non-fiction or comic books?
‘Sometimes I feel foolish for hoping she’s alive. But then I feel guilty- as if being “realistic” is giving up.’

Supernatural: Origins by Peter Johnson and Matthew Dow Smith
I restarted watching Supernatural this month and after getting stuck on a couple novels I was reading, decided to pull out this origin story. I’d never read it before and can honestly say I’ll never read it again.
The story was just so unnecessary. It basically fills in the time that the show leaves to your imagination- directly after Mary dies, but in such a weird acid trip hallucination way that it just leaves you with more questions. And the art. Sam is six months-ish and is at one point sitting on a pool table unsupported like a little demon monkey. I could barely tell who was who. I think I’ll stick to my non-TV-spin-off comic books.
‘The easy way rarely takes you straight to your destination. Which is why a Hunter never turns back.’

The Walking Dead: Book 1 by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore and Charlie Allard
This isn’t a TV spin-off, the comics came first. Just so you don’t think I’m a lying liar who lies.
With the finale of The Walking Dead Season 6 at the beginning of April I really wanted to go back to the comics and I’m glad I did. I love The Walking Dead comics. They’re so fast-paced, this collection of issues 1-12 covers season 1 and 2 of the TV show. They’re action packed, so many things happen there is absolutely no filler pages. And the art is great. I personally prefer the faces and the detail in the shading that Tony Moore did for the first six issues but Charlie Adlard picks it up well and soon makes it his own. The world is laid out clearly, there’s nothing confusing and because it’s the base of the spin-offs, there’s no insider knowledge that might put you off.
Really, it’s a must for any fans of the show or just general zombies and I recommend hardcovers that collect 12 issues. You can really get them open to see the full page, and they still look brand new on the shelf.
It’s not the same as killing the dead ones, Daddy.

Did you read any comic books/ graphic novels this month? Have you read any of these?
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Books I Read in November!

November seems to be the month of the female authors this year! Every novel I read was by a female author and only the one comic book, which didn’t seem enough to do a separate Comic Books I Read in.. post, was written by a man. Although unintentional, this makes me quite happy. As does the number of books, quite a contrast from November 2014!

A New York Christmas by Anne Perry*
You can find my review here!

Dead Reckoning by Charlaine Harris
I read this way back at the beginning of November as part of the Hallowreadathon, and flew through it in a day. But honestly, a month later, I can barely remember what happens. I enjoyed reading it while I was reading it, but as the series goes on, the plot lines blur and the books become less and less memorable.

Deadlocked by Charlaine Harris
I just didn’t click with this one, there’s a lot of domestic happenings which I like- in moderation, which this lacked. I could see clearly where the series was going but, like Dead Reckoning, I struggle to remember any details of story or plot. I really need to write better notes while I read!

Dead Ever After by Charlaine Harris
This book is neon, which shows up horribly in bad lighting. It is also the final book in the Sookie Stackhouse series and I’m in shock. This is the first time in over a year that I’m not currently reading a Charlaine Harris series, I hope to remedy that soon. Either way, I wasn’t as disappointed with this book as most people were. Maybe because I knew Harris’s endgame, I knew who Sookie ended up with and knowing that possibly had an effect on the way I read the book. I did, however, think it could’ve been written with more emotion. I’m not sure quite how I feel, but I was a little confused by the sudden change in narrative. 12 books of first person then suddenly, first person and third person.

Redemption Road by Katie Ashley*
Note to self: When you’re not sure about the first book, don’t let the blurb of the second hook you in.
The dialogue was so unnatural in this book, I couldn’t get past it. It was like the characters were trying to sound posh but it just came off wrong. And they just spoke so much about certain ideas about sexual assault and love that it really just came off as preaching to the reader, rather than conversation.
Not only that but they kept repeating the same phrases. The thing is, I get it, because I do it when I’m writing. I think of something brilliant that fits perfectly and it sticks in my mind so by the end of a writing session, it’s been used about fives times with varying success. But it feels like something that should have been picked up in the editing process, especially when they’re repeated just a few pages or even paragraphs apart.
I won’t be reading the third book in the series, even though it’s about the most interesting character from the first two. I’m afraid I just don’t click with Katie Ashley’s writing.

How to Stuff Up Christmas by Rosie Blake*
You can find my review here!

The Rules According to Jwoww by Jenni ‘Jwoww’ Farley
Jwoww is my second favourite from the Jersey Shore cast, first being Snooki obviously. She’s strong, she’s tough, she takes no nonsense. She reminds me of my best Booboo, Ashley. So when I first read this book in my late teens, I soaked up the information and remember thinking to myself that I would re-read it in the future.
I loved it, but I’ve matured. There’s lots of talk about manipulation in relationships, some really awful opinions about men and women, and a questionable rule about not going home with a guy if you don’t plan to sleep with him or you’re ‘asking for it’. Bleugh. Not acceptable.
I enjoy her attitude, I liked the parts about self-respect, and I’m pretty sure the book would read differently if she wrote it today. But I won’t be following a lot of her advice. If you’re a Jersey Shore fan, you might want to pick it up. But Snooki’s books are better.

Chew, Omnivore Edition, Volume 1 by John Layman
Chew is about a detective who knows the history of everything he eats. This was another read from the Hallowreadathon and it’s a fun comic! A little gory, a little gross, and very intriguing. It’s right up my alley. Unfortunately, it can be a little hard to follow at times but the art is great and it’s a really original concept!

What did you read in November?
*These books were sent to me for review. This has not changed my opinion.

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Comic Books I Read in September!

Something a bit new today! I’ve included comic book trades in Books I Read in.. posts before but I felt like keeping them separate from now on because they’re not really books. And I wanted to start including single issues and depending on the month, those can add up! So here we are. With a new kind of post. Comic Books I Read in… Hopefully you all like it!

Saga Volume 1, Constantine #1, Alpha Girl #1-5, Batwoman: Hydrology and Birds of Prey: End Run and The Death of Oracle.

Saga: Volume 1 by Brian K Vaughan and Fiona Staples
I mentioned this in my first Books I Want to Buy and Why post as I found volume 2 on my wishlist and kind of inspired myself to pick up volume 1 again. I’ve had volume 1 since it first came out but haven’t read it for a while so I picked it up for a re-read while I’m in a reading slump. It was as good as I remember! It’s a great story and written by my favourite comic book writer; Brian K Vaughn who wrote my all time favourite comic book; Y: The Last Man.
Space. Parenthood. War. Sex. Magic. Violence. What’s not to like? Read it.

Batwoman: Volume 1: Hydrology by J.H. Williams III and W Haden Blackman
I didn’t pick up any Batwoman from the new 52 and probably wouldn’t have bought it if my brother hadn’t got a copy with a few printing errors and given it to me when he got a new copy. Turns out that I really enjoyed it. Kate Kane is a great character and a credit to the Bat name, although I would’ve liked to of seen her go up against an actual villain. Not a ghost.
I can’t see myself buying the next volume but it was a fun read. The art was extraordinary, and it’s nice to see a gay superhero.

Birds Of Prey: Volume 1: End Run by Ed Benes, Gail Simone and Adriana Melo
When the New 52 started, I looked at the options and an all-female superhero group had me interested so I picked up Birds of Prey. My brother then gifted me these old runs so I could read the history and I was excited.
I’ve been watching Gotham so I liked seeing some grown-up Penguin and I love Oracle as a character. It’s so nice to see disabled representation. I had a review that I had written just after I finished it all written out, but it got accidentally deleted and I honest to gosh can’t remember much about this book. I enjoyed it but it hasn’t left much of an impression.

Birds of Prey: Volume 2: The Death of Oracle by Adrian Syaf, Gail Simone and Marc Andreyko
I remember a little more of this book because- it’s pretty much right there in the title! The pre-new-52 death of Oracle. But that’s not all that’s in this book, there’s also a neat little one-shot with Huntress and Catman (who is adorable) and other stories after it that seem to have been put in there to pad out the hardcover and not for any real relevancy. If this was my only experience with superhero comic books I could totally see why people avoid them.
Lastly, I have to say though, in both of these books there was some seriously questionable drawings of women. I sent a picture to a friend of mine half way through with the caption ‘Nobody bends that way without dislocating a hip‘. It’s pretty awful.

Constantine #1

Constantine #1
Guess what show I started watching in September? You got it. The doomed one season of Constantine. Half way through one episode I remembered picking up this #1 and pulled it out of my comics box. It’s not a great start to the new 52 version of Constantine and as this series ended at #23, I wasn’t the only one who thought so. I won’t be buying the trades of this, but I want to read more Constantine. Maybe his old Hellblazer run.

Alpha Girl #1-5 by Jean-Paul Bonjour and Jeff Roenning
My full review of these comics is here!

So those were the comic books I read! Have you read any of these?

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Comic Book Review: Alpha Girl by Jean-Paul Bonjour and Jeff Roenning!

It’s October! So let’s start the month of Halloween with some zombies! I don’t normally review single issue comic books on my blog because I’m not really sure people will be interested but hey- I like comics. I like reviewing. This has been published in a trade paperback. And it’s one of the best in my opinion. So here we go!

What happens when a third rate cosmetics company accidentally creates a pheromone that transforms the female population into man-eating monsters? Enter the world of Alpha Girl, and follow Judith Meyers on her quest to survive and rescue her little brother from the vaginapocalypse! 

Alpha Girl is a 5 issue mini-series that I picked up way back in 2012 when it was originally published and I loved it. The trade has finally been released as ‘Volume 1′ and doesn’t that just put hope in my lil’ nerdy heart! Either way this comic is amazing and here are my reasons for thinking that…

I’m a sucker for all things zombie related, big fan and defender of zombies as the scariest monsters. Within that love, The Walking Dead has become the sun that everything revolves around. But here’s the thing, Alpha Girl does things differently. All the zombies are women. It shows how they came about. And it’s not as serious as most zombie stories, I’m not scared when I read this, who could be when the zombies are so cute?

The Characters.
The main character is Judith; a chain-smoking, underwear-selling alpha girl who has a kid brother called Buddy who she’s trying to spring from juvie, who just happened to kill a guy. Then there’s the teenage boy Frank, who acts pretty much like every straight teenage boy in existence. Andy, the wheelchair-bound AC/DC fan. Chuck, his donut obsessed pal. And Penny, the dim-witted but adorable fast-food restaurant worker (“Do you think that cute soldier guy back there was okay?” “The one who got shot in the face?” “Yeah.”).

The Art.
If I was ever to get a comic book related tattoo, it would probably come from these comics. There is nudity, and I guess zombies count as gore, but with the art the way it is, I don’t think it would be something most people would be bothered by. It’s so cute and stylised, it really takes the downer that is women turning into flesh hungry killers and makes it fun! And even within the style, there’s no women bending in impossible ways like in a lot of superhero comics. 

Image Comics is basically my go-to nowadays for when I’m not feeling superheroes, and with the popularity of Saga, it’s helping comics become more widely read. So if you’re feeling like reading some comics and you want some zombie fun- you can’t do better than Alpha Girl and the trade paperback of all 5 issues is for sale here!

Have you read Alpha Girl? Do you like these types of reviews?

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