Fiction Friday: Books I Took to Italy!

Fact: I am the worst packer in existence. I went away for a week and as well as taking a loaded Kindle, I took nineteen books! Surprisingly, I was good with everything else I packed. No excess clothing or cosmetics in my case, but books are my downfall. I blame the fact that I’m a complete mood reader, but still… nineteen. Somehow I packed more for this week than I did for two weeks in Florence!

So! These books were; Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keys. A Sci-fi classic I really have to get around to reading.
Do Androids Dream of Electiric Sheep by Philip K Dick. Another one I keep meaning to read but don’t get around to.
How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe by Charles Yu. I’ve had this book for years and never read it even though I’m a big Sci-Fi fan when it comes to TV. 
Real Murders, A Bone to Pick and Three Bedrooms, One Corpse by Charlaine Harris. I’ve read her Sookie Stackhouse series and now I want to try her murder mystery books!
Red Rising by Pierce Brown*. I’ve read a little bit of this but I just found a read-a-long for December- Must resist!
True Fire by Gary Meehan*. I won this off Goodreads and it popped through the letterbox a couple days before I left-  it was meant to be.
Conquest by John Connolly and Jennifer Ridyard*. This is a review copy, hens the blank spine that I’m dying to get into.
Tomorrow and Tomorrow by Thomas Sweterlitsch*. I talked about wanting to read this in my Books I want to Read before 2014 Ends post.
The Vanishing Witch by Karen Maitland*. I’ve been trucking through this for a while and really want to finish it, I can’t decide if I’m a fan yet.
Splintered Light by Catherine Sampson*. I’m actually on the blog tour for this one so should really  get cracking reading it!
The Crimson Ribbon by Katherine Clements*. Another blog tour book, I’m really excited about these!
On Writing by Stephen King. This was the one book my tutor from my degree recommended I read but I’ve only dipped in and out so far, I want to sit down and have a more detailed look through!
World War Z by Max Barry. Another one I spoke about in my Top 5 Summer Fictional Essentials post, I’ve read this every year and want to keep up the tradition.
Gutenberg’s Apprentice by Alix Christie*. All these books I’m dying to read and so little time! This one is about the birth of printing!
A Shore Thing and Gorilla Beach by Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi. I talked about these in my Top 5 Summer Fictional Essentials post and way back in my Under My Christmas Tree post where I said I was going to save it for holiday reading.

Isn’t it amazing I didn’t go over my luggage allowance?! Have you read any of these?

*These books have either come from publishers, won from Goodreads or sent as part of blog tours.
**This post contains Amazon affiliate links which means if you buy anything from the links, I get a few pennies at no extra cost to you. Pretty neat, huh?
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Fiction Friday: An Interview with Lauren Oliver!

Last Friday I had the amazingly unbelievable opportunity to interview Lauren Oliver, the New York Times bestselling author of Panic, Before I Fall and the Delirium trilogy. Her latest book, Panic, has come out in paperback in the UK this month and after reading it I had some questions about it- as well as some general ones. So without further ado!

Where did the idea of Panic come from?
The idea of Panic came actually from kind on an unlikely source, it came from a rather humorous fairytale by Grimm’s, one of his lesser known ones called, ‘The Boy who went forth to learn about the Shivers’, and I saw it’s an unlikely source only because Panic is not very humorous and it’s pretty gritty and real. But the fairytale, basically, is about a boy who is literally too “simple” i.e. stupid to experience fear and so he basically goes out, his father is kind of embarrassed and ashamed of him, so he goes out to earn his fortune and and ends up managing to spend three nights alone in a haunted house with very comedic results and thus marries a princess, so he ends up very well of. But I started thinking about fear and mechanisms of fear and why some people are able to embrace or at least withstand fear whereas other people kind of move away from it or do all that they can to minimise fear. So that’s where the idea of Panic came from!

I found it really interesting that in Panic you gave Nat some kind of form of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Why did you choose that?
I chose it because I wanted to show, I do think mostly everybody is afflicted by, has their own kinds of deamons and things to deal with and I think for Nat that was a way of kind of deepening her character and also understanding to myself why she would play. Essentially she’s playing for money so she can go out to LA but I felt that she also needed to have something else that she too was running from, fears and anxieties that in her case express themselves through a desire to be really in control.

In the first chapter you used phrases like ‘rewind back to the beach and pause,’ and ‘turn the camera slightly’. What made you choose that form of narration?
That’s a good question! I’m not sure, first of all, it’s in the third person which was a departure from some of my earlier books. And I think unconsciously perhaps, kind of in the language of film, there is a spectator element obviously- this is a game that’s enjoyed by the spectators, way more so than the players. I was inspired by shows like Survivor where there’s alliances and people backstabbing each other and I wanted to show the ways that friendships can deteriorate over time because of the competition- so I think I may have unconsciously been parodying the language of spectatorship.

I heard that Panic has been optioned by Universal, which is amazing, is there any news on that?
We’re just waiting on script provisions now actually!

How did you get started in writing?
Basically my love of writing grew out of a lifelong love of reading, as I’m sure many peoples writing did. I mean really, for me, for years, writing was a personal way of exploring worlds that I loved. So I started doing predecessors to fan fiction. When I was a kid I would find a book that I loved and when it ended I just felt so sad that I kept writing it so I was definitely doing a version of fanfiction. And I just never stopped, after that I started writing stories based on my life which again, I think is very typical and it just grew into an extension of stories that interwove my own experiences with the fantastical or imaginative constructs. 

Do you have any advice for aspiring authors?
I really really wish my advice was less boring than it is, I mean, I wish there were some spell or certain magic trick, but the thing about being a writer is that you don’t actually need any qualifications. You don’t need to study at school, you don’t need a certain degree, you do need to just read and absorb as much as you can and you also need to write. You actually need to put pen to paper and practice.

Do you have any favourite books?

Yeah! I have plenty of favourite books. I love 100 years of Solitude, I love Middlesex and The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides, I love Henry James’ The American, the Portrait of a Lady by Henry James, I love Jane Austen- especially Pride and Prejudice, Agatha Christie, the Harry Potter series, His Dark materials. Lots of stuff. I love Roald Dahl. Yeah.

You had Dodge and Nat talk about if a Bear and a Shark had a fight, which is one of my favourite questions to ask people, so if a Bear and Shark had a fight- who would win?
In which medium? Or in a neutral medium? Neutral medium? 
If the shark could be in water and the bear could be on land.
Er- I think the bear would win! I don’t know. But bears aren’t as aggressive. I don’t know, I really don’t know. I mean the thing is that sharks, I feel like they’re clumsier. I think the bear would win. If they were both given equal territory and equal amount of aggression, like they knew they were fighting I think the bear would win.
Yeah, cause bears catch fish don’t they.
And they can go in multiple directions and they’re speedy, they can see and they don’t have that limitation of their eyes being in the side of their head. I would say bear. Is that what you would say?
Yeah, I think I would say bear.

Thank you to Lauren for giving me some of your time and bearing with my very bad interview skills! 
Have you read Panic yet? What do you think?

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Fiction Friday: Books I want to Read Before 2014 Ends!

This year is flying by. It’s the 8th month. There are only 4 left! When I wrote my Hello 2014! post, I included a wish to read more. The books I started off with were mainly teen and YA and while I feel these books have value, I often find my eyes skimming over words. Obviously I have no problem with adults reading YA, or any other type of book they choose but after reading a couple of interesting threads on Reddit, I decided to put together a little list of books I want to read before 2014 ends that included more challenging books.

To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee
I went to see an adaptation of this at a Manchester theatre a while back and adored it. I meant to read the book but it was while I wasn’t really reading and I never ended up doing more that picking the book up and flicking through it’s pages. I’d like to finally read this as I think it’s a really important subject and a classic I would be able to handle.

The Hobbit by JRR TolkienThe Fellowship of the Ring by JRR TolkienThe Two Towers by JRR Tolkien and The Return of the King by JRR Tolkien
It has been an age since I read these books despite adoring and marathoning the films fairly regularly. With The Hobbit films including a lot of subtext from Tolkien’s other works, I’d like to get a better understanding of the world he created. To start this I’m going to attempt to read the big four, then maybe The Silmarillion! This is going to be the biggest challenge I think.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by JK Rowling
As you know if you read this post, my friend is a Harry Potter Virgin- or at least she was but we finished the first book a little while ago and we’re starting on the second. We’ve been too busy watching bad horror movies lately to get much reading done but I hope we manage to finish this book this year. And maybe the third since they’re both fairly short.

‘Stop in the Name of Pants!’ by Louise Rennison and ‘Are these My Basoomas I see Before Me?’ by Louise Rennison
I’m so close to finishing this series! I read the first 6-7 books in my teenage years, I’d like to finally know how it ends for my girl Georgia. I just want her to end up happy. I’m a big softy for happy endings. After I finish this series- look out for a pretty exciting post!

Tomorrow and Tomorrow by Thomas Sweterlitsch*
Pittsburgh is reduced to ash and all that remains is a digital interactive Archive where John finds a young woman who people are trying to delete. I love a good apocalyptic story and this one sounds really original with the interactive aspect. Sci-Fi and Thriller is mainly what I look for in TV shows so hopefully it’ll be the same in books!

How scary is it that we’re in the 8th month of 2014? What do you plan to read this year?

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*I received this book from Book Bridgr. I am not obligated to talk about it on my blog.
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Fiction Friday: Book Review: Outshine by Nola Decker

When I was emailed about reviewing Outshine by Nola Decker* as part of the blog tour I was immediately excited, this is a YA Science Fiction novel which is a nice break from the usual dystopian and it just sounded great; 

When agoraphobic Gabe and his outgoing nemesis Jessa go on a moonlit road trip to locate Gabe’s missing brother, the two teens discover they are both hiding unnatural abilities:  Gabe is a living lie detector and Jessa is a kick-ass powerhouse pretending to be a delicate diva.

Gabe’s sole reason for searching for Watts, his overbearing younger brother, is to clear his own name: he’s been framed for Watts’ alleged murder.  Jessa is after Watts because she is, well, after him.
They find him with Deacon, the twisted eugenicist responsible for their unusual powers. He encourages them to stay and join his “Family” where they’ll be able to live openly as the genetically-modified freaks that they are. When Jessa and Gabe uncover the truth about Deacon’s past–and what he wants for the future–they band together to stop him. Watts, however, might have other plans…

This book starts fast, switching between Gabe and Jessa quickly as you’re punched straight into the story and the lives of the characters. Neither characters were relatable to me personally but surprisingly I liked them both, they weren’t maybe the best people but they had taken two very different- and understandable- paths to dealing with similar problems. With the science-fiction aspect, especially Gabe’s ‘power’ I realised that this book is everything I wanted Drawn by Cecilia Gray (currently hanging out on my paused shelf with Insurgent and Shatter Me) to be and more. 

It was a quick read, and got me in a real reading mood! I feel I devoured this book with it’s interesting plot, fast pace and action packed prose. There wasn’t a single boring moment and even the romance aspect of it was well thought out. Yes, there was a bit of a love triangle but it went beyond the usual teenage girl indecision and into the science fiction aspect. I loved it anyway and for once I wasn’t scolding the character on the right choice, but sympathising on the situation she was in. All in all I really enjoyed this book, I wasn’t quite as hooked as I’ve been with other books but it was seriously good, especially for self-published. I need the sequel now!

This was my first book tour! And the first book I’ve ever read completely on my phone since I lack a tablet. I think I’ll stick to paperbacks in the future but it was fun to try a different form! I may end up buying the paperback for shelfporn/re-reading purposes!
August 9th Aisha Reads Books 
August 10th Twistedity
August 11th Journey Through Fiction
August 12th Lost in a Good Book
August 13th A Thousand Words A Million Books
August 14th The Beauty of Literature
August 18th Hogwash
August 19th Making My Mark
August 20th My Secret Book Obsession
August 21st my name is Sage
August 23rd BitterSweet
August 24th This Girl Loves Books 
August 27th Donnie Darko Girl
August 31st The Word at my Fingertips 

Be sure to check out my fellow bloggers on this blog tour! What do you think? Will you be buying Outshine?

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*This book was provided for review as part of the Outshine virtual blog tour. This has not changed my opinion.
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Fiction Friday: Books I Read in July!

This was the most I’ve read in a month so far this year! I’m actually pretty proud of myself! And they were all good books- with one exception. Without further ado..

Y: The Last Man, Volume 3: One Small Step by Brian K Vaughn, Pia Guerra, José Marzán Jr and Paul Chadwick
I reviewed the first two of this series in my last ‘Books I Read in…’ post, it’s my favourite graphic novel series I’ve ever read and the third book is no exception. It’s hard to review without giving away spoilers but I will say that this volume has my favourite panel of the entire series and I’ve been posting up pictures on my instagram for those curious!
And the addition of a play within a comic book was very Hamlet, as you would expect with a main character called Yorick. “Alas, poor Yorick. I knew him.”

Y: The Last Man, Volume 4: Safeword by Brian K Vaughn, Pia Guerra, José Marzán Jr and Goran Parlov
This and volume 6 which I am currently reading contains an artist change from Pia Guerra who I love, to Goran Parlov who has a great art style but completely different. If I was going to find one problem with this series, it would be that as suddenly everyone looks very different. This volume also has one of my least favourite story lines. I love the series! But this volume is a 4 star for me.

Y: The Last Man, Volume 5: Ring of Truth by Brian K Vaughn, Pia Guerra and José Marzán Jr
Conclusions! Don’t get me wrong, the story is not finished yet but I just love conclusions in any sort of fiction. Brian K Vaughn is great at wrapping up loose ends and a lot happens in this volume to wrap some of them up. If only he could have done that with Lost… Anyway! Pia Guerra is back completely in this volume and the storyline is back to being more fun. This is a great volume 5 because it closes doors and opens new ones which is essential in a 10 volume series. Vaughn is a master of storytelling and this proves it for me.

‘Dancing in my Nuddy-Pants!’ by Louise Rennison
I read this in one morning when I couldn’t get back to sleep and it was really fun. It was my favourite of the books so far even though not much happened in the first half. If I had gone to France on a school trip, this would be how it would have gone down and a lot of it was very reminiscent to holidays with my cousin when we were teens. Again, these books are great for nostalgia!
There was 4 quotation marks missing and 1 font mistake that I picked up, just had to mention that.

‘…And that’s when it Fell off in my Hand’ by Louise Rennison
Robbie left! And hello, new lead singer. That’s all I can really remember from this book as they concentrate more on character and humour than plot. But the humour carries it as always, I dare you to read the part where her false eyelashes stick together and she has to dance blind to the bathroom and not laugh like an idiot.

‘…Then he Ate my Boy Entrancers’ by Louise Rennison
In this, Georgia and Jas take a trip to America! This was a bit less relatable than the rest of the books so far. But as someone who has friends in America, I found it pretty funny reading their opinions on how different America is. It’s not something you can really grasp until you look into it properly, America is not all like New York! Also, it was pretty nice to take a tiny step back from the boy obsession although I’m pretty sure spending all your money ringing random people with the same last name as the guy you like is some form of stalking..

‘…Startled by his Furry Shorts!’ by Louise Rennison
Oh this had me laughing out loud more than once. By this point, the seventh book in the series, the characters are starting to grow up a bit more. Don’t get me wrong, they’re still dumb teens doing dumb teen things but they’re getting to the point where you can imagine them eventually being fairly reasonable adults!

‘Luuurve is a many Trousered Thing…’ by Louise Rennison
Can you tell I was on a bit of a binge reading these books? Five in one month! This was the first book where I picked it up and was 100% sure I’d never read it before so it was really nice to be reading rather than re-reading. Love triangle anyone? You’ve got it. Oh to be young and in kind-of-not-really-love again!

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone by J.K. Rowling
What can I say about Harry Potter that hasn’t already been said? This book is perfection. As an attempting children’s book writer, JK Rowling is the first writer I think of when asked who my favourite author it. This book is so beautifully written, so easy to read yet so full of plot, character development, foreshadowing and just everything a book should be. It really deserves all the praise it gets.
If you’ve not read Harry Potter in a while I urge you to pick them up again, if you’ve never read them then.. Get to it! And you can read what my Harry-Potter-Virgin friend thought of the book in this post!

Season to Taste by Natalie Young*
I requested a copy of this book and I was so excited about reading it. A woman who kills and eats her husband? Amazing reviews? The ‘female American Psycho’? It sounded like a book I would really enjoy. We’ve all heard the story where the woman hits her husband over the head with a frozen leg of lamb then serves the lamb to the police man- I was expecting a book with humour, maybe a little gore and horror, and several insights into the mind of a murderer.
This book didn’t give me any of that. What I was present with was a very one dimensional character, with no reasoning or logic to what she did despite being described as ‘pragmatic’ throughout the book.  I’m not the only one, Char didn’t rate it much either. And it’s only got a star rating of 2.79 on Goodreads.
I wouldn’t have kept reading if I hadn’t requested it for review and I have to give it one star just because of how hard it was for me to finish.

So that was my month! Have you read any of these books? What did you read this month?
*I received this book from Book Bridgr in exchange for an honest review. This has clearly not changed my opinion.
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Fiction Friday: #UKSummerBookSwap!

About a month or so ago I saw on twitter that Hayley and Beth were organising a UK Summer book swap and I knew I had to get involved. I love swapping things and sharing books and meeting new bloggers, it’s been lots of fun when I’ve done it in the past and this was no different!

I received this book; The Black Dahlia by James Ellroy from the lovely Anastasia. It’s one of her favourites and I’m really excited to give it a read because I haven’t read a good detective novel in ages and this one if set in the 1947- Just like L.A. Noire! Thank you so much Anastasia! I hope you liked the book you were sent.

If you have written a post about the #UKSummerBookSwap please leave me a link below! I’d love to read them!

Have you ever read this book?
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Fiction Friday: Losing her Harry Potter Virginity!

Excuse the rather vulgar title but it really was the only way to explain what this blog post was about. The ‘her’ in question is my friend Shi who is currently giggling in a Skype call over said title. A couple of months ago we got to talking and I discovered that my amazing friend had never read Harry Potter, and yes, it was nearly the end of our four year friendship. But she accepted to listen/read Harry Potter with me and with our books in our hands, the Stephen Fry audiobooks on our iTunes and unreliable Skype calls- we were ready.

It took us four months to finish the first book mainly because we are prone to distractions but finish it we did and we have another Harry Potter convert in our midst. Unsurprisingly we both rated it  on Goodreads and she has a few things to say:

“I feel good, glad that I’ve finally actually started reading the books. I wanted to read them for a long time but I don’t know what kept me from reading them- maybe I just needed a good partner to read them with. The writing was well done, apart from the fact that I had the American version of the books. Screaming out the American edits was fun. TRASHCAN. DUSTBIN. Motorbikes. I would rather have the British version of the book and not the American. I found it a lot more fun to read it with a partner because then you can talk to them and see if you have different opinions, favourite parts, specifics. My favourite part was probably the giant chess match, it’s hard to describe but the idea of huge chess pieces- it’s amazing to imagine in your head. Comparing the characters to the movie they all matched really well except Ron. I can’t wait to start the next book.”

Have you ever found out that a friend has never read something so well known? How did you react?
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Fiction Friday: The Reading Habits Tag!

I got my laptop back! Those that follow me on Twitter or Facebook, my laptop broke this week. It was very dramatic. You never know what you have until it’s gone. Either way I didn’t have much time to plan todays Fiction Friday but when I saw this tag on Hayley’s blog I knew it was meant to be.

1. Do you have a certain place for reading at home?
Not really! Mainly in bed but the sofa and the hammock get some quality time too.

2. Bookmark or random piece of paper?

I read with mini sticky notes to stick in when I like a quote or when I want to Google something so I either use a sticky note or the plastic container of them. 

3. Can you just stop reading or do you have to stop after a chapter or a certain number of pages?

I can just stop reading but I like to have a bit of finality when I decide to stop. Although if I’m not enjoying a book than it’s at risk of getting tossed into the abyss that is down the side of my bed.

4. Do you eat or drink when reading?

Sure, but I find it distracts me a little. I prefer it to be just me, the book and maybe a cup of tea or a bottle of water.

5. Do you watch TV or listen to music whilst reading?

Heck no, I’m still getting into the swing of reading again and I can’t have any distractions. Although I love reading in the car.

6. One book at a time or several at once?

I seem to have developed a really bad habit of starting loads of books at once so at the moment I’m trying to get my ‘currently reading’ down to about 1-2.

7. Reading at home or everywhere?

Reading at home preferably but everywhere if I’m out and about.

8. Reading out loud or silently in your head?
Silently in my head, but lately I’ve found myself skipping over words- anyone else do this?- so I’ve been slowing down and it’s like I’m reading out loud but in my head if that makes sense!

9. Do you ever read ahead or skip pages?

Heck no. Imagine skipping a few pages of Harry Potter and suddenly boom. Troll in the dungeon. Treat every book like there’s going to be a troll in the dungeon in my opinion.

10. Breaking the spine or keeping it new?

I hate breaking the spine. I have certain books where I don’t care because I know I’m going to read them over and over. My World War Z book looks like it got dropped off a cliff. But I like to keep my books pretty and new-ish.

11. Do you write in your books?

Like I said before, I read with sticky notes- I’m actually thinking about doing a post on this if people were curious so no, I never write in books.

12. What are you currently reading?

Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone by JK Rowling with my friend.
Startled by his Furry Shorts by Louise Rennison for nostalgia. 
Skinny Bitch by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin that I borrowed from my trainer.
Drawn by Cecilia Gray, a book I got off Netgalley.
John Dies and the End by David Wong, I’m about half way through and taking a break.
And The Boy in the Book by Nathan Penlington which I got from Book Bridgr and am loving.
Or as I call them; too many books.

I tag everyone but especially Joe and Amy from the Bookolio blog, Holly from Holly, Quills and Ivy and Ashley from Legally Redhead!
If you want to see more of my reading habits you can see what and when I’m reading on Goodreads!
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Fiction Friday: Books I Read in June!

This wasn’t a good month for reading! The only novel I read was the last 100 or so pages of a book I’d started earlier in the year and the only other books I read were Graphic novels. Fortunately I’ve already completed by Goodreads reading challenge so I’m allowed to fall a bit behind. And I was really poorly; you can read about how I got my fiction fix without reading here!

Kitty goes to Washington by Carrie Vaughn
Now I read the first Kitty Norville book in March and really liked it. This second book moved on from the pack dynamics and growing up drama to political drama! We go with Kitty to Washington where she is called upon to talk about being a Werewolf, of course there are a few snags along the way and I did put this book down for quite a while and have no pull to pick it up again. What started in March took me three months to finish. But I did and I’m glad. If there’s one thing Carrie Vaughn does well, it’s speech. I love a good dialogue, monologue, anything. And there was a good chapter in this book where I was sad, seething and all around ready to punch one of the characters because of the speech. I empathised a lot.
I do like this series, but this was not as strong as the first book in my opinion so I only gave it 3 stars.

Y: The Last Man, Volume 1: Unmaned by Brian K Vaughn, Pia Guerra and José Marzán Jr. 
I waxed lyrical about this series in my Top 5 Summer Fiction Essentials and decided to re-read my copies, this series follows Yorick- the only man left alive, and his monkey ampersand as they figure out what the heck to do after everything with a Y chromosome dies. I really like the first trade of this comic book, the characters are introduced and it’s really easy to connect with them and the apocalyptic element of the story really starts to sink in! I think Brian, Pia and José did a really good job. I recommend these books to anyone!

Y: The Last Man, Volume 2: Cycles by Brian K Vaughn, Pia Guerra and José Marzán Jr.
The second trade in the Y: The Last Man series is just as good as the first, they start to show more of the effects of every man in the world dying such as transport and food production. And of course the Amazons, women who have decided that every man dying was a good thing so Yorick better look out! I’m fairly certain all of my reviews for this series will be 4 or 5 stars because it’s so good. This also had an extra sketchbook section at the back with Pia Guerra working out faces and designs of our main characters. Pretty cool.

Favourite quote this month: “I’d never seen much reason to change my name just because it had become a hideous irony.” At least Kitty the werewolf is self-aware!

What did you read this month?

*My book links have always linked to Amazon buts of the 1st July 2014 I’m an Amazon Affiliate. This will not change anything!
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(Late) Fiction Friday: Getting your Fiction Fix while Sick!

These past few weeks I haven’t been very well with a combination of tonsillitis and sinusitis, hence the lack of blog posts which I apologise for. And for this being two days late, I’ve pretty much been sleeping and eating and feeling like death so it took me a while to take the pictures! In my opinion, the worst thing about being poorly is being bored and poorly. But- what do you do when you can’t read because your eyes feel like they’re about to pop out of your skull?

Here are my ways of getting your fiction fix even when you’re not feeling great!

#1: Audiobooks.
Thank the lord for Harry Potter read by Stephen Fry. The past couple weeks I’ve listened to all of Goblet of Fire and have started back on Chamber of Secrets. However, I don’t count these towards what I’ve read in the month because sometimes I fall asleep listening to it and miss out big chunks. I am reading the first book at the moment with a friend who has never read Harry Potter but that’s a whole different blog post!

#2: Podcasts, specifically Welcome to Night Vale.
I’m a big fan of Welcome to Night Vale, I think it’s a really original podcast that’s really interesting to listen to with it’s short 30 minute episodes and unexplainable story. I’d say give it a chance, listen to the first one and I’m sure you’ll be hooked. A must if you see mysterious lights pass overhead while we all pretend to sleep.

#3: Nostalgia on Netflix in the form of Pokémon.
Occasionally my eyeballs would stop hurting enough for me to curl up with my phone and watch some TV. The Netflix app kept me company and I started watching Pokémon: Indigo League from the beginning! If you remember from my 30 before 30 list, completing the Pokémon game is top of the list so I feel like I’m getting some valuable research in too :’)

#4: Fraiser.
Frasier has been my ‘poorly show’ for years now, starting way back when I had a portable DVD player instead of a laptop and found the season 1 DVDs on a day off school. In fact I mentioned the DVDs in my Christmas Wishlist, the christmas specials in my Best Christmas Specials post and the DVDs again in my What I got for Christmas post! I have a love for radio, even though I don’t listen to it much myself, and this show about a radio host psychiatrist is just what the doctor ordered while you rest.

How do you get your Fiction Fix when you don’t feel well?
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