Books I took to Copenhagen!

Copenhagen wasn’t really my kind of city. There wasn’t a lot of places to eat if you don’t eat meat and fish, and I didn’t end up finding much to do while I was there. On the other hand, the city was really beautiful and I actually managed to take a reasonable amount of books for once! So what did I pack…

Fighting Proud by Stephen Bourne
In this astonishing new history of wartime Britain, historian Stephen Bourne unearths the fascinating stories of the gay men who served in the armed forces and at home, and brings to light the great unheralded contribution they made to the war effort. Fighting Proud weaves together the remarkable lives of these men, from RAF hero Ian Gleed – a Flying Ace twice honoured for bravery by King George VI – to the infantry officers serving in the trenches on the Western Front in WWI – many of whom led the charges into machine-gun fire only to find themselves court-martialled after the war for indecent behaviour. 

I’ve talked about Fighting Proud a couple of times on my blog; when I bought it, its part in researching my Camp NaNo project and how I need to actually finish it after starting it on the plane. This is a really interesting read but I have to be in the right headspace for it because injustice can be exhausting. Probably not the best holiday read thinking about it!

Planetfall by Emma Newman*
Renata Ghali believed in Lee Suh-Mi’s vision of a world far beyond Earth, calling to humanity. A planet promising to reveal the truth about our place in the cosmos, untainted by overpopulation, pollution, and war. Ren believed in that vision enough to give up everything to follow Suh-Mi into the unknown.
More than twenty-two years have passed since Ren and the rest of the faithful braved the starry abyss and established a colony at the base of an enigmatic alien structure where Suh-Mi has since resided, alone. All that time, Ren has worked hard as the colony’s 3-D printer engineer, creating the tools necessary for human survival in an alien environment, and harboring a devastating secret.
Ren continues to perpetuate the lie forming the foundation of the colony for the good of her fellow colonists, despite the personal cost. Then a stranger appears, far too young to have been part of the first planetfall, a man who bears a remarkable resemblance to Suh-Mi.
The truth Ren has concealed since planetfall can no longer be hidden. And its revelation might tear the colony apart…
I was lucky enough to get my hands on Planetfall at the Gollancz event for book bloggers and boy, I was sold on these books almost immediately when Stevie talked a little about them. I started Planetfall while I was away and really enjoyed the diversity, the f/f relationships, and the world! I’ve since finished it and bought the next book in the series.

Déjà Dead by Kathy Reichs
Bagged and discarded, the dismembered body of a woman is discovered in the grounds of an abandoned monastery.
Dr Temperance Brennan, Director of Forensic Anthropology for the province of Quebec, has been researching recent disappearances in the city.
Soon she is convinced that a serial killer is at work. But when no one else seems to care, her anger forces her to take matters into her own hands. Her determined probing has placed those closest to her in mortal danger, however.
Can Tempe make her crucial breakthrough before the killer strikes again?

I bought this in Winter and haven’t picked it up yet. I just haven’t been in the mood for crime lately, it’s been a lot of YA being pulled off my shelves which is quite unusual for me. Although I so always take a crime book with me when I travel out of habit. They’re my version of a ‘beach read’!

Once & Future by Amy Rose Capetta and Cori McCarthy
A new King Arthur has risen and she’s got a universe to save.Coming to terms with your identity is always difficult. But for Ari, the 42nd reincarnation of King Arthur, it just got a whole lot more complicated. Gender-bending royalty, caustic wit and a galaxy-wide fight for peace and equality all collide in this epic adventure.
With an awkward adolescent Merlin and a rusty spaceship, this is the Arthurian legend as you have never before seen it.

Once & Future got a lot of hype when it first came out and now the dust has settled, I’m looking forward to seeing what I think of it. There have been some conflicting reviews! I was never big on the King Arthur legend but I love sci-fi and queer representation so hopefully I side with the hype-wagon.
You Asked for Perfect by Laura Silverman
Senior Ariel Stone has spent his life cultivating the perfect college résumé first chair violinist, dedicated volunteer, active synagogue congregant, and expected valedictorian. He barely has time to think about a social life, let alone a relationship… until a failed calculus quiz puts his future on the line, forcing Ariel to enlist his classmate, Amir, as a tutor.
As the two spend more time together, Ariel discovers he may not like calculus, but he does like Amir. When he’s with Amir, the crushing academic pressure fades away, and a fuller and brighter world comes into focus. But college deadlines are still looming. And adding a new relationship to his long list of commitments may just push Ariel past his limit.
This was the only book I started and finished while I was away and I really liked it. I’ll go into it more in my review but this is less of a m/m romance and more about the academic pressures teens put themselves under. It was relatable and heart-warming while also being quite an easy read.
Her Kind by Niamh Boyce*
A woman seeks refuge for herself and her daughter in the household of a childhood friend.
The friend, Alice Kytler, gives her former companion a new name, Petronelle, a job as a servant, and warns her to hide their old connection.
Before long Petronelle comes to understand that in the city pride, greed and envy are as dangerous as the wolves that prowl the savage countryside. And she realises that Alice’s household is no place of safety.
Once again, Petronelle decides to flee. But this time she confronts forces greater than she could ever have imagined and she finds herself fighting for more than her freedom…
Tense, moving and atmospheric, Her Kind is a vivid re-imagining of the events leading up to the Kilkenny Witch Trial.
There are so many amazing books about witches coming out this year and Her Kind is one of them, although, not about witches as much as history’s “witches”. Either way, I didn’t get around to this but I’m still so excited to read it. I can’t think of the last book I read set in Ireland!

Have you been to Copenhagen? Have you read any of these?
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Books I took to Iceland!

I took a trip to Iceland after stressful couple months of revising for some pretty important exams (which I recently found out I passed!). I was sure I was going to get a lot of relaxing and reading done, but my body had other ideas and decided it was time to get poorly. C’est la vie! I took some great books though…

Dominion by Jennifer Ridyard & John Connolly*
I did it! I finally read this gosh darn book and it was as fantastic as I knew it would be. I shut it and was immediately overtaken with a bone-deep need for more that I know will never come. Heartbreaking! But a true YA masterpiece.

Magisterium: The Iron Trial*, The Copper Gauntlet*, The Bronze KeyThe Silver Mask and The Golden Tower by Holly Black and Cassandra Clare
I originally planned to take these, then changed my mind. But, as always happens, I ignored my own plans. Two minutes before walking out the door to catch my flight and you could find me shoving these into my, until then, reasonably full backpack. I did get around to starting my re-read of this series though so I don’t feel too bad.

Swordspoint by Ellen Kushner*
I’ve been looking into reading more female-written fantasy after some big disappointments from male writers and Ellen Kushner is one of the heavy-hitters. This was first released in 1986 and then rereleased in 2016 and I really want to get to it soon. But new fantasy worlds are not a friend when you’re not feeling well!

Weight by Jeanette Winterson*
One of the books I need to read for my next term of university is a Jeanette Winterson so in true Imogen-fashion, I didn’t bring that, but brought another one of her books. This is a retelling of theAtlas story and my mum actually nabbed it off me on this trip and loved it.

A Hero Born by Jin Yong*
Everyone and their mother seems to rave about these books. There have been unofficial translations for years and I was super stoked when I heard of the official translations finally being put out. Again, new fantasy worlds are not for reading when you’re poorly but I’m desperate to start this soon.

The Bitter Twins by Jen Williams*
I loved The Ninth Rain so much. So much! But I decided after a couple chapters to leave this to next year when the third and final book in the trilogy is coming out. I don’t have the best memory so I’m thinking a good 1000+ page binge of the end of this series is for the best. I can’t wait.

Have you read any of these?
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Books I Took to Mallorca!

I had long decided Mallorca was going to be my ‘reading’ holiday where I do almost nothing but eat, read and rest. I was determined to get some good pages turned, mainly of review copies since I found myself with a pile of seriously exciting upcoming releases. Unfortunately it ended up being less relaxing then I hoped, but hey- lets talk about the books that made their way to Mallorca with me!

The Coffin Dancer by Jeffery Deaver
I planned my packing list of books carefully this time and I still winded up shoving The Coffin Dancer in my backpack on my way out the door. I’m ridiculous! In my defense though, I was about 50 pages in and it’s so little. I read a good chunk of this while I was away and finished it soon after I got back!

The Lonely Londoners by Sam Selvon and The Emigrants by W.G. Sebald
Both of these were in my ‘Required Reading’ haul and that’s why they were both packed. My next assignment is a choice between the two of them. I started The Emigrants but it’s a tough read and I just wanted a week without university stress so I put it down again.

Flame in the Mist by Renée Ahdieh*
I missed the initial Flame in the Mist hype but with the new cover and the upcoming release of the second book, I’m hopping on that hype. Plus, the main character in this dresses like a boy and I’m named after a Shakespeare character who does the same thing. I didn’t get round to it on the trip but it’s top of my TBR.

Six Tudor Queens: Jane Seymour, The Haunted Queen by Alison Weir*
This is one of my most anticipated reads of this year. So delaying reading this when I got it about two weeks before my holiday was killing me. As I pack, I change my mind of what I want to take a lot, but this was the first thing in my suitcase. I powered through this on my trip and I liked it!

The Ninth Rain and The Bitter Twins by Jen Williams*
I really wanted to finish The Ninth Rain before I went on holiday so I could take The Bitter Twins but I didn’t. So I brought both along because the idea of ten days without Jen Williams writing seemed like torture. I don’t think I can go back to male written fantasy after this, Williams has opened my eyes!

Empire of Silence by Christopher Ruocchio*
This is a science fiction book that Gollancz are putting out in July and I’m so excited. I haven’t read a good and thick space war book in so long. I didn’t end up picking it up but I’ve since started it and dang, it’s going to be an interesting read!

Have you read any of these? What do you think of my holiday picks?
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Books I Took to Cancún, Mexico!

This is a strange post to be writing while there’s literal snow on the ground but I went to Cancún! The trip had been about five years in the making with my best friends from school and it was so fun. I saw one of the new seven wonders of the world, Mayan ruins, cenotes, and so many turtles! Plus, I packed up a bunch of books and even read a couple…

Pile of books on the beach

The Coffin Dance by Jeffery Deaver
I got about twenty pages into this before I left so I couldn’t leave it behind, but I didn’t read any more of it while I was away. I just wasn’t in the mood for a good detective novel, but I do like to always have one with me.

The Devil You Know by Mike Carey
Ever since I didn’t read this after failing the A-to-Z-readathon terribly, it’s been on my mind as a series I might want to pick up sometime soon. I’ve been missing urban fantasy in my life! While I didn’t end up reading it, one of my friends did and she liked it so that bodes well!

Night Shift by Charlaine Harris
This book has officially been to three countries with me; GreeceNorway, and now Mexico! Plus, I actually read it this time so it seems third times a charm! I am now officially caught up on all of Charlaine Harris’s series- what the heck do I read now, eh?

Hello Again by Brenda Novak*
I started this while I was away, and have since finished it. Because nothing is better to read about on white sandy beaches in the sunshine then serial killers! This series is so good, I’m already waiting impatiently for the next instalment.

Oroonoko by Aphra Behn
Another one that I read! Or at least got most of the way through. By sheer bad luck or bad planning on my part, I actually had an essay due on Oroonoko three days after I got back from my trip. Super relaxing! So, while I had to bring this, it was an interesting enough read.

Candide, or Optimism by Voltaire
If I had finished my Oroonoko essay (I didn’t, but just in case) the next book I have to read is Candide so I packed it. It’s pretty little so it wasn’t a huge deal though.

Empire and Dominion by Jennifer Ridyard and John Connolly*
Yeah, I’m the worst. These books are still unre-read/ unread despite travelling the globe with me this year. GreeceNorway, Mexico and I still haven’t got through more than 50 pages. 2018 is going to be the year!

Coming Out Under Fire by Allan Bérubé

I’ve been meaning to read this since I got it for Christmas last year but it’s a very tough and emotional read. Too much for this kind of holiday but hopefully I’ll get back to it in the next couple of months.
Have you read any of these? What did you think of my picks?
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Books I Took to Norway!

In a little bit of a last minute decision, I ended up spending the last two weeks of July in Norway. I’d never been before and it really is such a beautiful country! Of course, I had to overpack on the books as well. I ended up reading quite a bit- I finished six books while I was out there, but five of them were digital because I discovered my local library has an app and went a little out of control. But these are the books I intended to read…

Books I Took to Norway in a pile with the Norwegian flag in the background

Othello by William Shakespeare
In an attempt to get as far ahead as I can in my next module before it starts and I inevitably fall behind, I brought one of my set texts away with me so I could really get my head around it. I mean, it’s Othello, what can I really say? He actually made a two hour flight go by in a flash!

Farewell to the East End by Jennifer Worth
This was actually the first book I finished on my holiday, reading it on the train from Oslo to Bergen. After starting this series in October of last year and really enjoying the first book, then being really disappointed by the second book in May, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I just really wanted something with short chapters that I knew I could put down and pick up a lot without losing too much of a continuing plot.

My Mothers Shadow by Nikola Scott
This is a slow, savouring read that I’ve been really enjoying for a while now. I didn’t want to leave it at home for a fortnight. I even saw a woman in the airport looking at a copy in WHSmith and after dithering about in shy anxiety for a minute, was that person and told her it was really good.

Night Shift by Charlaine Harris
Now, I took this to Corfu along with the first two books in the trilogy and read those. But I didn’t get around to this one and decided to save it as a holiday treat. But it didn’t fit with Norway. I know, I know, mood reader nonsense! I adore this series so I’ll finish it soon I expect.

The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams
There’s a tiny reference to Norway in The Hithhikers Guide to the Galaxy. But also, this is one of those books that I haven’t read yet but know that I’ll really enjoy. I was just delaying reading it for some reason or another. And with one of my reading goals for 2017 being to stop this, why not bring it along? I didn’t get around to it, but I have one more holiday this year and this is coming with me.

Empire and Dominion by Jennifer Ridyard and John Connolly
I am determined to finish this series this year. 2017. The year Imogen finally finishes the Chronicles of the Invaders. Even if I have to drag them all around the world with me.

Yesterday by Felicia Yap
This is being released in a couple days and I am so excited! I actually headed down to London last week for the launch after meeting Felicia in February and getting a sampler of her debut. I wanted to finish it after starting it at home but couldn’t find the focus while I was away. This of course, came back as soon as I touched down on British soil but the book went on a nice holiday I guess!

The Swimmer by Joakim Zander
So, out of the 800+ books I own, none of them are set in Norway! The closest I could get was this, which is a mystery/spy/thriller that starts off in Sweden then continues around Europe. I’ve been meaning to read this for a few years but still haven’t. Maybe a trip to Sweden is in order.

Have you ever been to Norway? What do you think of the books I packed?
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Books I Took to Corfu!

I went to Corfu for a week and only took nine books! Yeah, that probably only sounds like an achievement for people who have read my past blog posts about books I’ve taken on holidays… I have a tendency to overpack. I didn’t end up reading a lot because, without going into it, my cat passed away a few days before we left. But I thought I’d still do a post showing the books that made the cut of airline baggage restrictions.

The Midnight Trilogy by Charlaine Harris
I’ve been saving this trilogy up and after finally buying myself the final book (after unhauling these ten), I thought they’d be the perfect holiday read. And I wouldn’t have to worry about running out mid-series because it’s only a three book series; Charlaine Harris’ shortest! These were the books I ended up reading while I was away, I needed comfort and she’s the author that gives me that.

Poison City by Paul Crilley
This arrived in the post the day of my flight after I won it on Goodreads, so I took that as a sign. Into my hand luggage it went and I did start it on the flight out but it didn’t grab me and I knew I wanted to read the Midnight books first. I’ll come back to it because it was a really fun beginning.

My Mother’s Shadow by Nikola Scott*
This was on my Spring TBR and has been sat on my bedside table for months. Being a mood reader sucks sometimes! Strangely, although the paperback isn’t being published until September, I saw copies in the airport. Weird. I have since started reading this since I came home though.

Empire and Dominion by Jennifer Ridyard and John Connolly*
I keep saying I’m going to finish this series and then not finishing it! I’ve never had this problem before and I think it’s because I genuinely love the story and the world so much that I don’t want it to be over. Maybe I should try the audiobooks…

Cartes Postales from Greece by Victoria Hislop*
I’m every tourist cliché that reads a book based in the country they’re visiting while they’re there. Or would’ve if the mood struck them. I didn’t get around to this, but I did flick through it and think I’ll be picking it up soon. I liked Corfu, and Greece, and I’d like to read more about it.

Yesterday by Felicia Yap*
I met Felicia Yap in February and heard about Yesterday so I’ve had a lot of pent-up excitement about this book. But I wasn’t planning on taking it on this trip until I passed it on my shelf and grabbed it at the eleventh hour. Even though I didn’t end up reading it, that told me a lot about my TBR priorities and this has been bumped up the list.

What do you think of the books I packed? What are your favourite holiday reads?
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Books I Took to München!

One of the things that I wanted to do before 2016 ended was to visit München for the Christmas Markets and I’ll be putting up my post showing some of the photos I took in a couple days. But first, The books I took. It ended up being very similar to the books I took to Germany last Christmas. Two Deavers: Check! A Christmas story: Check! Something a little fantasy: Check! A murder mystery: Check! Completely unintentional, but obviously says something about my reading habits…

I’ve been meaning to start a new Deaver series for a while now, since I got up to date with his Katherine Dance one over Winter last year and there’s no new book in sight. So why not his most famous series, the Lincoln Rhyme series? I tried over Summer too. I didn’t actually get around to starting them but with my grandpa sending me home with some of the books missing from my collection, I’m all the more ready to dive in.

This was a book that I had started pre-putting it on my Winter TBR so it’s been a ‘current read’ for a while now. I was hoping to finish it while I was away so I could do a little giveaway with my extra copies but that might have to wait until next year now. I just haven’t had the urge to continue reading it.
I just wanted to read…

The Curse of the Gloamglozer by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell
I finally started my re-read of The Edge Chronicles. Are you amazed? I’m amazed. I wanted to start it in Summer, then Autumn, then Winter. But I finally started it while I was away and it was nice to revisit that world. The Quint Trilogy wasn’t one that I re-read over and over as a kid so it was relatively fresh too.
Lastly, another from my Winter TBR and no surprise to anybody. I made it all the way to December without reading this even though I started the Shakespeare series back in October. I’m currently reading this and loving it. So far there’s none of the issues I’ve had with the series so far, like slut-shaming, and the Christmas aspect is added without being shoehorned into every sentence.

What do you think of my choices?
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Books I Took to Northumberland: Take Two!

Now, last time I went to Northumberland, I took twenty books. This time I filled up exactly the same box but clearly my Tetris skills are waning because I only seem to have managed to fit sixteen in. All my currently reading went in first, then it was proofs, and some from my Summer TBR, then whatever the heck I wanted that could fit. So what made the cut?

Books I Took to Northumberland

Conquest by Jennifer Ridyard and John Connolly was a current read that I immediately added to the box, shortly followed by Empire and Dominion*. Yes. I’ve actually started my re-read of this series and it’s all very exciting.

The Countenance Divine by Michael Hughes* was a book I was reading but I’ve since paused. It sounded really interesting and I’m curious about how the story ends, but the lack of female characters and the way women were spoken about made me too uncomfortable to continue this one.

Kitty’s Big Trouble by Carrie Vaughn is another of the books I was currently reading and the one I read for the first couple days of my holiday. It even featured in my monthly wrap-up. I really enjoy these books and I definitely want to pick up the rest of the series as soon as my back account allows.

And my last currently reading auto-pack was The Long Way to A Small, Angry Planet by Becky Chambers*. I’m not only currently reading this, I’m reading it aloud to a friend of mine. I really want to finish it before the sequel; A Closed and Common Orbit comes out in October but reading aloud takes a surprising amount of time!

I try never to go away without a Deaver and since I live in horror that I’ll finish a book and not have the sequel with me, I brought along The Bone Collector and The Coffin Dancer. These are the first two books in the Lincoln Rhyme series that I’ve been meaning to re-read for a while.

Frostblood by Elly Blake, Caraval by Stephanie Garber and Replica by Lauren Oliver* are all proofs of books coming over the next six months and I’m so excited about all of them. Seriously excited. They all sound amazing and I couldn’t leave them at home, even if I only started one of them! And on the YA front, I apparently wasn’t satisfied because I shoved These Shallow Graves by Jennifer Donnelly in too.

I recently passed The Governors storyline in The Walking Dead comics and since The Walking Dead: Rise of the Governor and The Road to Woodbury cover his story pre-comics, I figured I didn’t have to be completely caught up in the comics to re-read them.

And lastly, If You Go Away by Adele Parks* was actually in my handbag and hitched a ride without me noticing until I got here but I’m actually pleased. I promised my dear readers a full review and haven’t delivered yet so this gives me a good opportunity to work through my sticky notes and write a hopefully coherent blog post about how amazing this book is.

In all honesty, I didn’t even get much reading done though! It didn’t turn out to be the relaxing holiday I had hoped for. But, better to have a lot of books and not read them, then finish a lot of books and have nothing left to read! Right?

Am I the only one that over-packs books for holiday?
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Books I Took to YALC!

Unlike the other Books I Took to.. posts, these are books I didn’t take to read, but to get signed by the talented authors that were at YALC. I had limited suitcase space and getting that thing on and off the train at Manchester and London meant I was self regulating way more than usual. My shoulders still hurt from my bag though. And although I packed only eight books, I came back with with sixteen. My haul will be up soon, but these are the books I took to YALC…

The Burial at Thebes by Seamus Heaney
This wasn’t a YALC related book, but I thought I’d throw it in anyway because I did take it with me. Hello essay due in on Friday. Hello finishing that essay at 10pm. Fun. Although my grade was surprisingly good so maybe I should panic-write essays more often.

Muddle EarthBeyond the Deepwoods and The Last of the Sky Pirates by Paul Stewart & Chris Riddell
I wasn’t sure on going to YALC if I’m honest. I won the tickets but I was worried about my rubbish health and how I would manage. Then I saw that Chris Riddell was going to be there. He is, without a doubt, my favourite illustrator and these books were a massive part of my childhood. I knew I had to meet him. And I read that there had been a 3 book maximum on signing in past years (not true this year but hey) so I picked my favourites!

Half Bad by Sally Green
I really liked Half Bad when I read it a year ago, and it inspired my own novel quite a bit so I pulled it down from my read shelf and packed it carefully away. I actually managed to get this signed (and got a selfie with Sally Green) so it was worth the weight.

Other Girl by Nicole Burstein
I read Other Girl way back in April of last year and loved it! It was a five star read for me. I really recommend it to people in their teens because it is just wonderful at capturing the problems of that age, and then adding superheroes! She’s lovely by the way and I went to her workshop which was great. But I’ll get into that more in my YALC experience post.

The Next Together by Lauren James
This was one of those, I’ll take it just in case books. I didn’t manage to see Lauren James as her line was really long. However, since I’m only half-way through The Next Together, I wasn’t as sad as I might have been if I had missed the other authors I met.

The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon
I bought this way back when and decided to hold off on reading it because it’s a 7-book series and they’re being published very slowly. However, I took it anyway and after going to a panel where Samantha Shannon was talking, I was glad I did. I got it signed and I think I’ll be starting this series soon because colour me intrigued!

Did you go to YALC? What books did you take?
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Books I Took to Milan!

It was a little bit of an impromptu trip to Milan but I had some great guest bloggers, Lauren and Siobhan, which was exciting. And now I’m back I thought I’d show you the books I took. I’ve done posts like this before and I’m actually pretty proud that I didn’t overpack (that much), and took a lot of review copies for the coming months. Unfortunately, I had a bunch of work to do while I was away so I didn’t get much reading done. Either way, my choices for this trip were…

Penguin Little Black Classic No. 5 – Aphorisms on Love and Hate by Friedrich Nietzsche
I’ve been working through this little book for weeks now. I can’t really make up my mind on what I think of his ideas and philosophy isn’t something you can rush through. I read a couple pages while I was away but not much.

The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams
This has to both Germany and Florence with me. Now Milan and I have still not read it.

Kitty Raises Hell, Kitty’s House of Horrors and Kitty Goes to War by Carrie Vaughn
I’ve been trying to dive back into this series for a while now; I took these to Northumberland last year with the same theory that if I was away and wasn’t as distracted that I might finally get to them. I picked up the first one but put it down, other books were calling to me.

This Must Be The Place by Maggie O’Farrell*
This is from my Spring TBR and I’ve had it for a while. Since it’s being published in May, I wanted to see if I liked it in time for it’s release. I didn’t get around to it but it’s on my immediate TBR.

Jane Steele by Lyndsay Faye*
This is another review copy I packed. It’s a gothic, serial killer retelling of Jane Eyre, which I tried to read last month and just couldn’t get into.

Tenacity by J.S. Law*
I always like to have a murder mystery with me when I go away. Normally I take a Jeffery Deaver but I kind of wanted to give Tenacity by J.S. Law another shot. I’m glad I did, it was the first book I started on the plane and I loved it. Full review coming soon but seriously, couldn’t put it down.

These Shallow Graves by Jennifer Donnelly
There was a significant lack of YA in my suitcase so I shoved These Shallow Graves in at the last minute. I needn’t have bothered because I didn’t get to it but I have no self control when packing books!

Katherine of Aragon: The True Queen by Alison Weir* 
This is another from my Spring TBR, after I wrote that post I couldn’t get this book out of my head but it’s quite hefty and I wanted to properly delve into it. Milan really wasn’t my kind of place so after finishing my assignment, I delved into the next subject for my semester: Tradition and Dissent in English Christianity. Then I picked up this in my down time since Katherine was so key to that time period. And it’s great so far!

Have you read any of these books? Do you overpack when going away?

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