Blog Love #3

Welcome back to Blog Love! A series where I share four blogs that I love and tell you why I read them! You can see the first four here and the second four here. Today’s picks are quite book based but they all have a lifestyle element that I think everyone will enjoy. So here they are…

First is Bekka at Foreverebekka. Not only does she take the most beautiful photographs, her posts are amazingly written and she’s from my area. Greater Manchester represent! Not only that but her bucket list and my 30 Before 30 list are super similar. Spooky! She’s doing NaNoWriMo at the moment so pop over and wish her good luck.

Next I have Beth who writes at The Quiet People. She’s also doing NaNoWriMo and writes the most brilliant 19 Thoughts when Reading posts. When I found her blog I read it from beginning to end all in a couple days, and I always read her posts as soon as they’re published no matter the subject!

Chances are if you read book blogs then you already know Jamie from Perpetual Page Turner. Jamie’s blog was one of the first book blogs I ever followed when I started this little blog of mine and she remains one of my favourites, even though we read quite different books, her personality shines through her posts.

Last but definitely not least is Nikki over at The Lunar Lights, a relatively new blog to me as I only found it a couple months ago. But I fell in love. Nikki has perfected the art of book photographs with shabby chic backgrounds and her reviews are spot on. Her re-read of Harry Potter is making me think I need the new covers!

What blogs have you been loving lately?
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Blog Love #2

You may remember my first Blog Love post way back in November last year. I had no idea it had been that long until I looked it up and I feel bad, the blogging community is great but sometimes it feels very competitive and I’m not about that. I want to show off all the amazing blogs I read, like look! So Blog Love posts will be coming more often. As well as my new blog roll that I’m still adding to.

First, one of my favourites and an insta-click if I’m scrolling twitter/bloglovin’/facebook/etc and see she’s put a new post up, Lauren from What Lauren Did Today! Lauren just has such a lovely personality that shines through her posts and social media. She writes about books, cruelty-free beauty and mental health with a smattering of life posts for good luck. You really can’t do better than her blog.

I met Siobhan from Rock and Roses a couple years ago and she is an absolute sweetheart and helped put me at ease at my first blogging event. Since then I’ve met her once more and have been following her blogging progress and just generally spent a lot of time on her blog. She even guest-posted for me last year and I’m dying to have her back next time I go away.
[Edit: I’m afraid she deleted her blog!]

Next is Amber at The Amber Spyglass. Recently I went through the blogs I was following and  unfollowed a lot of inactive blogs, but I couldn’t bring myself to unfollow Amber and I’m glad I didn’t because about 3 days later she was back! Talk about a spooky coincidence. She writes one of those blogs that just read so easily and calmly that you want to jump in. Perfect for relaxing Sunday afternoons.

And last but definitely not least, Bethan at Bethan Likes who reads so many interesting books that I just can’t keep up. She reviews the kind of books I have on my to-buy list but I’m too scared to pick up, and she does it brilliantly. More and more books get added to the list if she likes them. I completely trust her opinion and her weekend updates are my favourite Monday morning reading.

What are your favourite blogs?
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5 Things I Love About Blogging!

I think every blogger I’ve ever spoken to has slumps now and again. I think every person I’ve ever spoken to has had a slump when it comes to a hobby. You put a lot of effort in, you try your best, and sometimes you don’t feel good about what you produce, whether it’s a blog post, a cake or a painting. I’m in a bit of a slump right now, so I thought I’d make this weeks 5 Things post about blogging because this is my hobby and I know even under this cartoon raincloud I have over my head- I love it. So here are 5 Things…

1. Having a productive hobby.
I have no idea how I spent most of my time on the internet before I started up my first blog. Hours and hours with nothing to show for it. Now when I’m online I’m editing pictures while I watch Netflix, tweeting about my latest blog post, instagraming pictures of what I’m reading, drafting a post, emailing people- having fun and getting the satisfaction of pressing that big orange publish button at the end of it.

2. Learning new skills.
I still haven’t figured out HTML or how to turn my DSLR off automatic but I’m finally comfortable writing lifestyle posts like this, and I’m pretty pleased with how far my book reviews have come, and I feel like I have a voice on my blog that represents myself. And that’s pretty neat.

3. Having your hard work recognised.
I was googling my blog the other day out of curiosity and found that I’m quoted on the Chronicles of the Invaders website. It really brightened my day because it’s one of my favourite series and I put a lot of work into my original review. Things like that, comments, emails, tweets, knowing someone is reading and is liking what you’re putting out- makes the hard stuff worth it.

4. There’s always going to be someone doing better than you…
And that’s okay! Something I learnt from all-girls school is that jealousy doesn’t get you anywhere but can easily make you really miserable. But also that you can think of it another way, and be inspired by people doing better than you. Let them pull you up rather than trying to drag them down. I’m inspired by being surrounded with positive, powerful, intelligent people like my fellow bloggers.

5. There’s always going to be someone just starting out…
According to CNET there are two new blogs started every second. That’s two people sitting down in front of a computer with something to say that only they can say. Everyone’s experiences are different and so everyone has something unique to talk about. That’s one of the best things about the internet in my opinion. And you can help them. One of my favourite moments as a blogger was when a brand new blogger emailed me asking for help, and helping them the best that I could so I could get to read what they had to say.

So those are 5 Things I Love about blogging- What do you love about blogging?
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Blog Love #1

Today I thought I’d start my new series of Blog Love. In the post I’m going to link a couple of blogs I love in case you were looking for something new to read. We all have our favourite blogs, the ones we check up on daily, re-read, then there are some blogs I just find then read in the entirety. I will sit there on my laptop or phone and read every word, look at every picture until I come to their first post. So I want to honour those blogs the best I can by this new series. I’m going to do four blogs a post so these’ll go up whenever I have four blogs to tell you about!

First has to go to my friend Ashley, I’ve linked her a couple of times on my old blog but she’s genuinely one of the nicest people I know and writes a pretty amazing blog over at Legally Redhead. Ashley’s is one of my favourite blogs because within two pages it makes me want to curl up with a cup of tea and read amid browning autumn leaves- and fly out to California and live in the sunshine state. She blogs about life, beauty, and all sorts and I pride myself in being the first one to read her new posts.

Secondly is the lovely Angela over at Paper Love Story. Not only is she kind and always has something nice to say on Twitter- especially during my broken laptop sob session- I just love scrolling through Angela’s blog. It makes me want to go to my desk and work, which is a rare feeling! She’s incredibly intelligent and somehow has appeared to master time management. If you have any interest in stationary, study techniques or just want a peek into a life that is much more put together than anyone I know- Paper Love Story is a must.

Third I have Vicki from Let’s Talk Beauty. I’d be surprised if any of my readers aren’t already following Vicki but if you aren’t, I recommend that you do. Let’s Talk Beauty is the place on the internet I go to when I want to read good honest beauty reviews, and I’ve spent more than enough money based on Vicki’s opinion and never been disappointed. We’ve also met a couple of times at blog events and she’s truly lovely.

And last but not least, Rachael from Rachael Amy Reads
Rachael’s only been blogging a couple months but I already love her reviews and her writing style, she has great choice in books as well. I think she’s definitely one to watch!

So that’s my first Blog Love. Make sure to go check out these great blogs and leave me links of your blog and your favourite blogs so I can get some new reading material! 
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I’ve Been Guest-Posting!

Hey everyone! I’ve been guest-posting on some blogs I love lately and thought I would post the links to send you their way, and give you some extra reading this Sunday evening.

Over on Simple Beauty Chatter I show you how to gradient your nails with a sponge! It’s really easy but looks amazing.
On Harriet Rosie I talk about how Excel makes me a better blogger! My blog timetable is a lifesaver.
And last but not least, I tell you 5 Things I do Everyday over on Beauty Bits ‘n’ Blogs! It was fascinating to think about.

Have you ever guest posted? Leave me links!
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