Beauty Review: KIKO Nail Lacquer in Lime Green

Another day, another NOTD post. I love this one though, I have it on right now and I keep looking down as I type because it’s so pretty and shimmery. I have nothing else in my collection like this and weirdly, this seems super Christmassy to me. I can’t figure out why though- can you?

268 – Nail Lacquer in Lime Green
This guy, as you can see, is pretty sheer. I had to put on three coats to get the look above and it’s still see-through but I didn’t need a topcoat as it is super shiny. I personally love the sheer look but you could always use a white base under this one if you wanted it to really pop or save it for nail art looks! As I mentioned in my last Kiko NOTD, their polishes all have really lovely wide brushes which kept this from getting too streaky as well.

What do you think of sheer nail polishes?
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Sample Review: Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque!

Today is a quick sample review of the Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque that’s been kicking about in my haircare drawer for a while now before I pulled it out and committed to using it. I’ve declared my love for Macadamia’s detangling hairbrush before so I was excited to see if this would stand up to the high regard I have for the brand.

Sample Review: Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque!

The sample I had was a generous 15ml but I was a little worried as my hair is thick and long. I needn’t have been. It was just enough. The consistency was like a thick gloopy cream but it spread evenly to cover all of my hair.

Sample Review: Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque!

Now the instructions are pretty simple; wash your hair then comb this through and leave for seven minutes. So I did this, clipped my hair up and read in the bath for maybe ten minutes before rinsing this out. It needed a good rinse. I stood under the shower for quite a while and that’s always something I’m worried about with these types of things because if you don’t rinse long enough then your hair is left greasy and if you rinse too long then there’s nothing to show for it. I was pretty sure I had rinsed too long but lo’ and behold, the next day when I let my hair out of my plait it looked incredible. It was super soft and shiny, and just felt and looked amazing. A+ results!

I’m also in love with it being cruelty-free, paraben-free and alcohol-free. All in all, I’m probably going to buy this! If you want to try it, you can buy it here!

Have you tried a hair masque? What’s your favourite?

*I received this at the Mid-Summer Meet way back when. I am not obligated to talk about it and it has not changed my opinion! Post contains affiliate links.

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Beauty Review: KIKO Nail Lacquer in Grass Green!

Three guesses what Imogen’s favourite colour is? Way back when I was in Florence I happened by a Kiko Cosmetics store nearby the pizzeria I frequented during my stay and picked up some nail polish while I was there as they are all super cheap and a couple were even on sale. I got 7 of them and I think I paid around £10. I’m finally getting around to wearing them and blogging about them so look out for a fair amount of green nails on the blog over the next few weeks!

KIKO Nail Lacquer in Grass Green!

391 – Nail Lacquer in Grass Green
This one was actually a bit of a pain compared to the others! It took absolutely ages to dry and took three coats to get a nice even finish. It really needed a topcoat to add shine and even it out but I have an OPI dupe and it’s the same story with that one too. I think it’s just a problem with bright greens but I do love how it looks. So cheerful and perfect for Christmas tree nail art! Kiko polishes all have really lovely wide brushes similar to OPI too- no cheap brushes here.

What’s your favourite nail polish colour?
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Review: Essence All About.. Palettes!

When I was at the Essence Event in Manchester they had a wide variety of products for us to have a look at but these palettes really caught my eye for a couple of reasons. They’re small, they’re durable with a very strong clasp and thick plastic, and they have beautiful colours. I had high expectations, but did they stand up to that?

Essence All About Candies and All About Nude eyeshadow palettes

Here I have ‘All About Candies’ and ‘All About Nude’ to review!

Essence All About Candies and All About Nude eyeshadow palettes

Each come with 6 colours that weigh in at 8.5g together and claim to be ‘long lasting’ with a ‘silky and smooth texture’. These palettes actually stand up pretty amazingly on both claims. I took them on my holiday and forgot a primer and they lasted a good few hours without creasing even in the heat. The texture is silky and smooth without being crumbly and I’ve dropped them a fair few times with no breaking.

But how about some specifics too? Starting with All About Candies…

Essence All About Candies swatches

What surprised me about these candy pastel colours is how much I liked them on the lid, they were just so much easier to work with than dark colours since I’m so pale, it’s been a bit of a revolution of me. The pink and the lavender are a little disappointing colour-wise as you can see, but make pretty nice highlights. The yellow and peach make b-e-a-utiful lid colours and the blue and green both make nice colourful looks without it being too in your face.

I think this is a great palette for anyone and everyone but if you’re a super pale girl like me that sometimes struggles with colour in the daytime you need this!

Swatches of the All About Nude eyeshadow palette

The nude palette has a neat and compact range of nude colours, at six you can make a couple different looks and it makes the whole thing more compact without scrimping on quantity of eyeshadow. I was actually surprised at how versatile this palette was but I think it’s down to the dark brown and the deep purple, they make very different eye looks and with a matte shade in there and an option of two colours for highlight- I think every nude fan would enjoy this.

I honestly think these palettes are on their way to being HG products and- dare I say it in October- would make good little stocking stuffers too. They also have All About Sunrise, Paradise and Chocolates that I might have to pick up too… You can buy Essence products at Wilko’s up and down the country, and to find your nearest counter just click here!

What do you think of these palettes?

*I received these at the Manchester Essence launch but I’m not obligated to talk about them and it has not changed my opinion.

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Beauty Review: Orly Glosser Super High-Shine Topcoat!

A review for you today of the Glosser Super High-Shine Topcoat by Orly* that I’ve had for about a year now and never reviewed even though I use it quite frequently! I don’t have much experience with Orly, they’re not hugely available in the UK but they seem to be more popular in Boots these days and I hope they start releasing their holiday colours over here soon because they have some gorgeous Christmas colours.

Orly claims that Glosser will give ‘lasting protection and super-slick shine’ as a topcoat.

Before I get into it I have to mention to bottle because the lid has a grip handle which is amazing, it’s really easy to open and helps with shaky hands application. More companies need to use it, it’s genius.

Now this is a very thin formulation, which is both a blessing and a curse. It’s great because since it’s thin, it doesn’t need long to dry. But if you don’t get enough on the brush you end up with brush strokes on your freshly painted nails and the colour of you nail varnish stuck to the brush. Not fun.

The shine and gloss claim I don’t really see that much, it’s shiny but so is pretty much every topcoat. And I don’t think it makes my nail polish last a huge amount longer either but it’s alright. I’m ambivalent to it. I think it’s just an average product with a good bottle so I’m not sure if I’m going to repurchase this even though it lasts an age, I just prefer something with some sort of drying quality.

Want to buy it? It’s £9.95 for 18ml here! Or from my favourite eBayer it’s £4.35 here!

Have you tried this top coat? Tell me your topcoat recommendations!
*I received this at the Manchester Summer Meet, I am not obligated to talk about it and it has not changed my opinion.
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Beauty Review: O’Right Golden Rose Colour Care Conditioner!

Hello October! How is it October already? I don’t even know, but lets start the month right with a review!
O’Right is a brand I wasn’t aware of until I was sent the O’Right Golden Rose Colour Care Conditioner* to review but after a good read of their website I was head over heels for their ethics. In fact, when I am finished (nearly there) with this bottle of conditioner, I can plant it, the bottle will decompose and the seed of a tree in the bottom will begin to grow. And that’s just really cool!

But enough about the bottle. This conditioner claims to hydrate and add shine, preserve hair colour and give it a radiance boost. Personally I haven’t coloured my hair but I am worried about it’s condition as I plan to chop it all off and donate it to the Little Princess Trust soon. I want it to be the best it can be!

So does it work? In a nutshell, yes. It’s a thin consistency and is a little tricky to work with at first but if you squeeze all the water you can from your hair before applying then it is easy enough and the smell is a non-offensive floral/fresh scent. After using it for a couple of months now my hair feels sleeker and both looks and feels better when my hair is dry. Breakage is less and thankfully the sleekness means I’m not yanking out hair with my hairbrush. My hair is now all the way down to my lower back and this conditioner helps it feel its best.

It is pretty pricey at £18.95 for a 400ml bottle but for a Vegan product with the added bonus of a tree, it’s a nice treat that you can find here!

What do you think of the O’Right brand? Do you have any conditioner recommendations for me?

*This was a PR sample but it hasn’t changed my opinion. 
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Beauty Review: Essence – ‘Hello Rosy’

Just a little NOTD today of this gorgeous Sparkle Sand Effect Colour & Go nail polish from Essence in the colour Hello Rosy! I don’t normally go for pinks on my nails but the sand and glitter look of this is just too cute. It’s just something a bit different from normal.

The application is a breeze with this, the brush is the Essence Colour & Go one which is short, wide and rounded at the top for perfect speed and precision. It’s my favourite brush for nail polishes. The formula helps with this one too as the grainy texture seems to make the drying time super fast.

You only really need 2 coats but I go for three and it leaves a satin/ semi-matte finish. Adding a topcoat doesn’t really do much, it seems to just sink in and I’m not a fan of the shine because it takes away from the texture. The one downside is that it doesn’t last long. The great texture means that it’s pretty solid and it chips within a day or two.

What do you think? Are you a fan of the sand look?

*I received this at the Manchester Essence Event but that has not changed my opinion!
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A Sephora Haul from Rome!

While I was in Rome you know I had to pop by Sephora even if I was battling with a miserable cold and wanted to stay in the comfy comfy hotel bed. Because that’s what beauty bloggers do. If you have the opportunity to go to Sephora, you go. Even if you sniffle all the way there.

I think I was pretty restrained! I went in with €30 and came out with some change which was good for me.

The first thing I saw when I walked in was a stand for the Formula X nail polishes that everyone in America has had for ages and this green glitter, ‘Drawn to You’, was calling to me. I love green and I love glitter. It was the most expensive thing I bought at about €15 but it is a beaut.

Speaking of glitter, my nail polish remover pot was taken from me at airport security *sobs* so I went to go look for another one and when I saw that this one was specially for glitter- notably the most difficult thing to remover ever- I had to get it. At around €9, it wasn’t the cheapest on the market but if it gets my glitter off easy then it’ll be totally worth it.

The kitten came to say Hi while I took this picture and actually fixed the white balance problem I was having so! Near the checkout I saw these Sephora own brand sheet masks and the rose one stood out to me. I love the scent of rose as well as it being my middle name, and since winter is coming up- a ‘Ultra Moisturizing and Brightening’ mask sounded like a winner. It cost just under €4. I’ll report back if it’s any good.

Have you ever tried any of the things I got? What would you get with €30 at Sephora?
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Review: Essence Studio Nails Ultra Strong Nail Hardener!

When I was at the Manchester Essence event, I had my nails done by the Pamper Puff Girls and while I was sat there- Caitlin was talking to her Pamper Puff Girl about how to improve her nails. This product was recommended so I had to get one and test it out so see if it worked for me. You may remember in my Review of the Essence Studio Nails XXL Nail Thickener me stating; ‘looking for something long term? I have another Essence review coming soon that might be for you!’ Well- here you go!

Essence Studio Nails Ultra Strong Nail Hardener
Damn you reflective products being so hard to photograph!

Essence Studio Nails Ultra Strong Nail Hardener

It wasn’t until I got it home and had a good read of the label that I saw the bolded: ‘Contains Formaldehyde‘. But never fear, despite the commonness of this on CSI, after going to Twitter with my worries I was promptly sent an email calming my nerves. That is stellar customer service.

Instructions of the Essence Studio Nails Ultra Strong Nail Hardener

Basically the formaldehyde is a nail hardening ingredient and the use of formaldehyde in nail hardening products is allowed by european cosmetics law if the concentration is under 5%. You should protect your skin and only use it for 3 weeks, with a one day pause for every two days with it on. But that is more than enough time for this to work in my opinion.

Brush of the Essence Studio Nails Ultra Strong Nail Hardener

So I got a big tub of Vaseline, a thick eyeliner brush and a good thirty minutes of nothing-else-to-do. I’m not going to lie and say this wasn’t high maintenance because it was and luckily I’m quite good at watching TV out of the corner of my eye or I might have got a little bored but the results from this were great. It basically promises to strengthen and build up soft, brittle nails and it does that. Yep. This product works. My nails felt thicker and stronger after using this and didn’t break from silly accidents.

Is it worth it? If you have thin nails and have a little extra time, I’d say yes. If you don’t have half an hour a day to sort out your talons, then the Essence Studio Nails XXL Nail Thickener or my HG Boots Own Salon Nail Strength solution might be for you.

What do you think? Have you ever come across a product like this that works?

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*I received this at the Essence Manchester Event, but this has not changed my opinion and I’m not obligated to talk about it on my blog.
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Victorian Disco Cosmetics: Monthly Subscription: June!

My June monthly subscription from the amazing Victorian Disco Cosmetics, a brand I’ve talked about before, came a couple weeks ago and I’m finally getting around to posting about it. Bad Imogen. Better late than never?

Can we first just appreciate how dang cute the packaging is?

Now this months came with three full size eyeshadows, a blush sample (which has a huge amount in) and a lipgloss sample. Unfortunately somewhere between VDC and me, the lipgloss separated and the clamshell was a hot mess to open but hey.

Dendrobium blush, Queen Orchid eyeshadow, Blossom Viewing eyeshadow, Perfect Bloom eyeshadow, Atomic Rose lipgloss.

First the blush. Quite simply, it is amazing. It’s a slightly warmer tone that my go-to blush, Katie by Illamasqua, which makes it nice for a bit of warmth as we get ready to bid farewell to summer. It’s a great matte finish so it’s super natural and it blends easily. Love it.

The eyeshadows are what I was most excited about because eyeshadows are what Victorian Disco Cosmetics do really well and these three are no different. Queen Orchid is a blue with a slight pink duocrome, Blossom Viewing is a dusky pink with silver shimmers and Perfect bloom (my favourite) is an almost lilac with a gorgeous subtle green duocrome. This is what dreams are made of. They all apply, blend and stay well with a good base and although I don’t usually go for a pink eyeshadow look, I’ve been loving it with gold since these came.

Lastly, Atomic Rose lipgloss. This was a bit of a miss for me. Maybe it was because of the separation but even after mixing it back up, it was still difficult to apply and went on patchy. I’m going to persevere with it though because the colour is perfect for my first timid steps into dark lips and leaves a lovely stain even after the glossiness is gone.

Unfortunately what with Victorian Disco moving to Florida they’ve had to pause their monthly subscriptions so everyone cross your fingers they’re back soon and you can buy their products here! I really recommend them.

What do you think?
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