30 Before 30: One Year On!

Last year on my 20th Birthday I posted up my 30 before 30 list so today, one year on I thought I’d do an update post! Some things on the list I’ve started towards, only one is complete (poor form so far) and a lot are happening this year. 21 is going to be a busy time.

1. Complete Pokémon. 
Still no closer on this one, mainly because I can’t find my old Pokémon Yellow game in all my old things. Trying to find the game might need a major clean-up to happen first. I have been playing Pokémon X and I just got Alpha Sapphire this morning for my birthday so I look forward to playing through that!
2. Write a Novel.
I probably have about 8,000 words towards this goal, but my degree takes up a lot of my writing time. They complement each other though.
3. Earn at least a 2:1 in my degree.
This is going to be something I’m really working towards this year, I’ve been getting good feedback so I think I’m on track. Just need to pick up the pace!
4. Do a 365 photo a day challenge.
I think a 365 photo a day challenge of my life at the morning would be super boring so I’m going to try this one in a couple of years!
5. Copy the ‘Three Men in a Boat’ trip.
6. Take a plane on my own.
This year for this goal I think! I have a friend who lives in Spain and hope to visit her ASAP.
7. Spend a St Patrick’s day in Ireland.

I’m way too delicate to attempt this one this year. One day!

8. Learn to drive.
*groans* I hate driving. I hate it, I hate it, I hate it. I’m working on it.
9. Write a will.
That’s not a huge priority for me right now, not sure my family are going to have much of a debate over who gets my comic books!
10. Own The Walking Dead #1.
Not even close on this one! Might have to aim for a reprint.
11. Host Christmas.
12. See my brother get married.  
13. Go to Vegas with my oldest friend.
VEGAS 2015! Yeah buddy!
14. Make a quilt.
15. Own a Hyundai Ix35.
I went for a test drive in one today and oh, so beautiful! I have to actually learn to drive and pass my test first though.
16. Own a collection of mugs that all have meaning.
This one is going quite well! In fact, I got a new one I love for Christmas.
17. Start a small business.
18. Review 200 books. 
57/200 so far! You can read them all here! I’m ahead on this goal, I honestly thought last year that this one would take me ages.
19. Road trip the UK.
20. Go to SDCC.
21. Grow a bonsai tree and keep it alive.
I’m still accidentally killing every plant I try and keep so I think I’ll wait until I get some kind of plant keeping ability before I try this one!
22. Travel Europe on a train.
23. Cosplay.
24. Go to all the places Ashley wants to bring me to.
25. Learn to crochet and make something.
I learnt to crochet in 2014 and with my new crochet needles, I should be able to complete this one soon. I already have my first project started.
26. Keep bees.
27. Cut my hair and donate it to the Little Princess Trust.
I really have to do this in 2015 because my hair is ridiculous, it’s so so so long and I can’t wait to have short hair for the first time in- 17 years. I must book a haircut soon so I don’t chicken out like I did last year.
28. Learn German.
29…. I still have two spaces to fill!

So that’s my 30 Before 30 list, one year on. I update this page periodically if you’re interested in keeping up to date!

Do you have a 30 Before 30 list or something to that effect? What’s on it?
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Good Things Jar!

Todays post is about something I recommend everyone tries. I’ve seen these jars around on Tumblr and Pinterest but never made one until last year when I realised that writing down the good things that happen to you and putting them in a jar to remember was not only a lovely idea, but a really positive thing to do. Admittedly I was a little lax at remembering through the year and- in the least sad way possible- didn’t have a huge amount to write, but I still had a really nice time reading through the memories. In 2015 I’m going to be better at remembering to write things down!

I decorated mine simply with a white ribbon and Tiffany Lamp stamp!
Most of the paper I used was just scrap. I think I’m going to use pretty colours in 2015!
Some examples!

If you haven’t started a Good Things jar for 2015, I really recommend it. It’s a real pick-me-up on bad days and really lovely to look through when the year is over.

Do you have a jar like this? 
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Under my Christmas Tree!

I’m a bit late on the bandwagon with this but I love seeing what people got for Christmas. I love the variety in gifts and as a super over planner, I start getting ideas for what I can get people for the next year. Maybe I’m just getting older but it weirdly doesn’t feel like Christmas happened? It’s not even that it went by in a blur as much as it just didn’t feel- like Christmas. Anyone else feel that way? But I know it must have happened because I have some new things! So here’s what I was lucky enough to get from Santa!

As always, the usual disclaimer for these types of posts, not bragging.

Books and DVDs first. I’m excited to expand my Tolkien collection with this tiny book of Tom Bombadil adventures.
Guardians of the Galaxy was one of my favourite movies from 2014 so it’ll be nice to watch it again. Peter Quill is the love of my life :’)
My brother got me the DVDs of True Detective, a show he’s been recommending to be since Summer and I haven’t got around to yet. Now I have no excuse and just need to find a day I can sit down and marathon the whole series.
I’m a big Miranda Hart fan- anyone else super sad that her show is over? I’ve never seen her do stand up though so it should be interesting!
This Kate Mosse book is going to be saved for next Christmas because it sounds like he perfect mood setter.
And Santa clearly knew I finished the third book of the Aurora Teagarden series and didn’t have the fourth!

I learned to crochet in 2014 and really enjoyed it so hopefully with my new super cute crochet hooks I can make some cool things in 2015!
I mentioned in my Christmas Wishlist that I was after a German daily calendar and look what appeared in my stocking! (Okay I may have pointed it out to my mum at the garden centre.)
My parents went to Amsterdam last year and brought back this cute pencil box and mini bowls, since I love green, that are going to look really nice on my desk keeping things tidy.

My aunt and uncle who live in America sent me this gift set from Sephora, I think I actually squealed when I saw it. It has so many things in it that I can’t wait to try, and blog about!
I have trouble sleeping so I can’t wait to try out the Tisserand Luxury bath oil de-stress blend. Fingers crossed it works.
I’ve nearly finished my tube of Dr Hauschka Rose Day Cream I got last year so the new tube was very much appreciated. As was the Rose Nurturing Body Oil I can’t wait to try.

The slippers are a cute fold up pair for me to take on my travels this year. I love the pattern on these, so dainty and cute.
My favourite thing I received this year has to be my new Night Vale mug. I have a love for mugs and part of my 30 before 30 is to have a collection. This is a welcome addition!
Speaking of Night Vale, my new teeshirt is super snazzy. As is the typewriter print which- I think Santa picked for obvious reasons. Say hello to my new blogging shirt!

And of course- Chocolate! That screaming you may be able to hear is my personal trainer.

What did you get for Christmas? Leave me links!
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Book Review: Empire by John Connolly and Jennifer Ridyard!

Caution: This is the second book of the Chronicles of the Invaders series and contains spoilers for Conquest. If you haven’t read the first book my review is here!

Syl Hellias: an Illyri, the first of her kind to be born on Earth. Paul Kerr: a human, dedicated to his people’s resistance of the alien invasion. Brought together by chance they formed the strongest of bonds. Now they are to be punished for that love.

Exiled to the outermost reaches of the universe, Syl and Paul must each make journeys that will lead them to the horrifying truths harbored at the heart of the Illyri Empire. And to a force with the power shake the the universe to its very core.

After a good look at the beautiful cover, lets get to the review!

In short, I loved this book. The premise of the series is that an alien race, the Illyri, has gone around the galaxies conquering planets, and decided Earth was next. This was not a popular decision and in the first book we meet the Resistance, a group that is constantly trying to get these aliens to go away. Syl, a Illyri teenager meets Paul, a human that is part of the Resistance in the first book and throughout the drama the two of them get close. But that’s not all! At the end of book one we discover that there’s an infecting parasite type thing inside certain members of the Illyri, and the witch-y people of Illyr known as the Red Sisters have something to do with it. Oh and there’s robots. 

This book leads us away from Scotland (dang) and into the galaxies beyond. We follow Paul and Steven into their forced enlistment, Syl and Ani to the Marque and even get a section from Meia, my favourite character.

I can’t honestly begin to explain the series in a way that would do it justice. But there are three things that really stood out to me; Firstly, there’s a review on the back by SFX that describes it as ‘densely plotted’ and I find myself agreeing with that wholeheartedly. The threads that weave the stories together are strong and go way beyond what is expected from a YA book. 

The descriptions made the places, the people, the horrors and the victories really come alive. For example; one character “always seeked the insult she believed lay buried at the heart of any compliment.” And another “wore the happy but confused look of a man who won a lottery but couldn’t remember buying a ticket.” The writing doesn’t falter with the busy plot, which makes this book stand out among others.

And lastly, the mistakes the characters make because as I was reading I agreed with what the characters were doing until the mistakes were pointed out. Mistakes are something characters, and people, do all the time but in books, especially YA, I find myself noticing these mistakes and not understanding why the characters do stupid things. This book made me follow the characters way of thinking so much that I was blinded to ways things could be done better. It was very impressive.

I love this book. I love this series. I need the next book ASAP. This is my first ✮ book of the year and I was so sad when it was over.

Empire was published on the 1st of January and is available to purchase here!

Have you started this series yet? What did you think of Conquest/ Empire?

*I am a Chronicles Champion and was sent this book for review. I am not obligated to talk about it. I just really loved it!
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Books I ‘Paused’ in 2014!

My ‘Paused’ shelf on Goodreads is kind of my version of a did not finish shelf, but less permanent because I feel like some of these books I might pick up again. I paused 14 books in 2014; some because I wasn’t enjoying them, some because I just wasn’t feeling them at that time and some because I just felt like reading something else. I thought it would be interesting to have a look back at why and see which ones might be un-paused this year as part of my reading goal to finish at least one of these books! So in order of pausing..

Insurgent by Veronica Roth
I read Divergent and moved onto this, the second book in the series, but I wasn’t emotionally invested enough in the series to spend more time on these books. I got 256 pages in and I was done. And I really couldn’t read another kissing scene if I’m honest!

Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi
Oh Shatter Me. I bought this book for a Buddy Read and this has one of the most beautiful book covers I’ve ever seen but the writing and the story just weren’t for me and I was gutted. Lianne didn’t get on with it either but I always see people rave about it and wish I liked it.

Game of Thrones by George R.R.Martin
I read a good amount of this book, 186 pages and more than enough for me to get into the story but my main problem with it was how close it was to the TV show, I’m a fan of the show so it just felt like I was reading what I had already seen with some very small changes. Another problem I had with it, and something I notice a lot in epic fantasy books was the amount of- unnecessary detail. One part sticks out to me when I think of this and it was a scene where Lady Stark asks for a basic breakfast of this and that and is presented with a big breakfast with a long list of what was on the plate. I just- didn’t care and I feel there were a lot of moments where I could have lived without some of the detail.

Skinny Bitch by Rory Freedman
I’m lucky that my personal trainer is very understanding because I borrowed this book from her about six months ago! This book is a very no nonsense kind of kick up the butt book where it lays out pretty clearly things that people do wrong that makes them overweight. No soda, no meat, no dairy, common sense kind of things and I think I just stopped reading because I already eat alright- if a little heavy on the chocolate…

Drawn by Cecelia Gray*
This isn’t pictured because I have it in e-book form and can’t really remember much about it. I’m just not an e-book fan and wasn’t so impressed with the story enough to go and buy a physical copy.

The Boy in the Book by Nathan Penlington*
I liked this book. I really liked this book. Until it started tipping into stalking and the whole obsession that the author had with the guy he was looking for got a little creepy. To the point where the subject of the obsession could probably use the book as evidence to get a restraining order. I’m hoping there’s a turning point and a happy ending but I had to put this book down after a while.

John Dies at the End by David Wong
I got half way through this book and just felt like I wasn’t quite the audience the author was after. It all felt a little teenage boy. Don’t get me wrong, I can see why people like the book, it’s one of my brothers favourites and I think he has decent enough taste but for me, I got half-way through this book and just didn’t care enough to continue or even google what happened to the characters. It’s been 8+ months and I have felt no urge to pick this book up again.

The Vanishing Witch by Karen Maitland*
For me, I liked this book well enough but it was just taking a long time for anything to happen. In fact, I was about 150 pages in before the thing mentioned in the blurb actually happened and at the time I just wasn’t feeling it. I do think I’ll probably pick this up again though because Karen Maitland’s writing was really lovely.

How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe by Charles Yu
I didn’t really give this much of a try if I’m honest, I started it on holiday and it just didn’t grab my attention at all. I’ll get around to it one day!

Tomorrow and Tomorrow by Thomas Sweterlitsch*
I spoke about how much I was looking forward to this book in this blog post but I just found there was too much going on for me to keep up with it. The writing was so busy with all the different aspects of the world that it slowed down the story too much for me.

Oksa Pollock: The Last Hope by Anne Plichota and Cendrine Wolf*
This is one I will probably pick up again in 2015 as the only reason I put it down was that at the time I wasn’t feeling a middle grade book. Next time I’m in a book hangover, this is getting pulled off the shelf.

How to Survive a Sharknado and other Unnatural Disasters by Andrew Shaffer
This came in my October Loot Crate and I started it on Halloween only to struggle through half of it over a couple of weeks before giving up. It’s not that I’m unfamiliar with the format, it’s similar to The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook which I own along with the Life version, University version and I even got the calendar for Christmas last year but the writing just wasn’t for me and I feel you’d have to have seen a lot of the awful disaster movies to make heads or tails of half the references.

Brood by Chase Novak*
I read this without reading the first book in the series but considering the time difference, I didn’t think it was that important. There was enough backstory to skip the first book but not enough current story to keep me interested. The characters were very- flat. I’m not sure I’ll come back to this one.

Rudolf! He is the Reason for the Season by Mark Teppo**
I started reading this around Christmas for obvious reasons but I had so many other Christmas books I wanted to get to that since I wasn’t really enjoying this one too much, I just put it down. I’ll try it again next December!

I do think it’s important to mention that I don’t think any of these are ‘bad’ books. I just think some of them weren’t for me and I hope nobody is upset if their favourite book ends up on my paused shelf!

Do you have a paused/ did not finish shelf? What books are on it?
*I received these books for review. It has not changed my opinion on them and I’m not obligated to talk about them.
** I won this book from Goodreads.
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5 Reading Goals for 2015!

I really want to branch out with my reading in 2015. I’ve always been a bit of a mood reader and looking at the books I read last year, I definitely tend towards certain types of book. So I’m setting up some goals for myself that I’m going to write on some post-its and keep by my TBR pile structures.

Read 15 books.
My Goodreads reading goal for 2015 is 15 books. It was 14 in 2014 because I hadn’t really read in a long time and I had certain misgivings about it. I thought a little more than a book a month would be a nice challenge. Well, I ended up reading 56 books and I’m really proud of that. But in 2015, I’m aiming for 15 because I really want to push myself to read some more challenging books rather than just reading the most I can.

Read one of the books I ‘paused’ in 2014!
I paused 14 books in 2014 and I have a post coming up soon on what and why, but I’d really like to finish at least one of them this year. It’s the completist in me.

Read a book longer than 500 pages.
According to Goodreads, the longest book I read in 2014 was 489 pages long. So I’d really like to read a book in 2015 that is over 500. I have a couple of options but I’m thinking Catch-22 which is an impressive 572 pages, and leads me on to my next goal.

Read a classic.
I read 4 classics in 2014; Of Mice and Men, I am Legend, Mystery in White and To Kill a Mockingbird and I really liked them! The language is a little more challenging but they’re classics for a reason. In general, they’re good books and contain valuable lessons.

Only buy half as many as I read.
My TBR pile is- ridiculous. According to Goodreads I have 432 books in the room I’m currently typing in that I have either not read or haven’t read lately. And this is definitely not helped by my love for The Book People collections. So this year I’m going to only buy half as many books as I read, so if I read two books I can buy one, and hopefully that will calm down my TBR a little.

And one extra. Write more book reviews. Book reviews are quite unpopular posts as far as stats but I have to remember that I blog for me, and I like writing them and reading them. I want to get better at being constructive about what I read to help my own writing and will now be posting about books on Mondays as well as Fridays!

I’m doing a little blog survey to see what I can improve in the new year, I’d love it if you could take a couple minutes to fill it in here!

What are your reading goals for 2015?
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Loot Crate: December 2014: Anniversary!

The ones of you that are more aware than I am and aren’t still confused by what year it is will notice that it is not December, or even 2014 anymore, but my Loot Crate was super super late this month and only just arrived. I understand though because shipping around the holidays sucks.

The theme was Anniversary as lots of things celebrated birthdays this year- Simpsons celebrated it’s 25th year on air. That show is older than I am. And I know I said repeatedly that I was cancelling Loot Crate to save money but they drew me in with ann exclusive Funko Pop! They do know my weak spots!

Let’s start with the DC items of the box. First up being Batman #36 written by Scott Snyder and drawn by Greg Capullo- the dream team of comics. When the New 52 started I didn’t pick up Batman and I regret it so I’m hoping to jump on with this one!

And the exclusive Funko Pop… The Joker Batman-Batman. Honestly can’t say I’m a huge fan of this one but I see what they did and it’s cute enough!

Onto Marvel! The first thing I saw was baby Groot socks. These will be joining my Deadpool socks, also from Loot Crate, as my favourites in my sock draw. So dang cute. Anything Guardians of the Galaxy immediately gets my love.

And it also came with a Captain America Vanilla Air Freshener. I wish I had a car right about now because I love Cap and this would brighten up any car interior.

The Ghostbusters door hanger kind of reminds me of something I had when I was a kid and whereas my privacy is pretty well respected, I have a friend who could do with this to keep little brothers out.
The Simpsons was a pretty good choice for a design with the Dynomighty Mighty Wallet. I had lot of fun when I first picked it out of the box trying to find my favourites. I was actually sent two of these in my box for some reason.

The Tetris Sticker Set has been retweeted a lot by Loot Crates twitter- people are coming up with some really clever patterns. I’m not really sure what I’m going to do with these stickers but they’re so cool I’m sure I’ll find something.

The digital loot this month was a month free over at Crunchyroll, what looks like the Anime version of Manga. A Mini Candy Cane which I just finished and the usual badge and magazine (again there were two of these). Overall, it wasn’t my favourite Loot Crate but there were some gems.

I’m doing a little blog survey to see what I can improve in the new year, I’d love it if you could take a couple minutes to fill it in here!

What do you think of this months Loot Crate?
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2014 in Reading!

In 2014 I read 56 books or 14030 pages. That’s pretty amazing to me. That’s just over one book a week and I could not be happier. I’ve reviewed all of these books in my ‘Books I Read in..’ series and in separate book reviews and I’m 56/200 books reviewed for my 30 before 30 list. 2014 was a pretty good reading year!

There were 13 books I rated .
I rated 19 books as .
I rated 16 books as .
I rated 3 books as .
And only 2 books as .

So lets give out the Imogen’s Typewriter Award for Favourite Book of 2014!

3rd place goes to To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee (originally reviewed here).
I read this book last month and I’m still amazed at how much I adored it and how much I learnt. I’ve never enjoyed a classic so much in my life.

2nd place goes to The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins (originally reviewed here).
This was the second book I read this year when I was still struggling and after forcing myself through Heat Wave by Richard Castle, I picked up this book and flew through the entire series in a week. The first book was always my favourite though and really reminded me what I love about reading.

And 1st place goes to Lexicon by Max Barry* (originally reviewed here).
I was blown away by the concept of this book where certain words have the power to take down peoples defences and make them do what you want them to do. I read this book in April and when I sat down to write this post I knew it was going to be 1st place. My friend bought this book off my recommendation and I lent my copy to my personal trainer and they both loved it. I just want to shove a copy into everyone I meets hands and yell “Read this!” because of how good this is.

I’m doing a little blog survey to see what I can improve in the new year, I’d love it if you could take a couple minutes to fill it in here!

How was your reading in 2014? What was your favourite book of the year?

*I won this book from Goodreads. Luck was on my side that day!
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Books I Read in December!

I think I did quite well with reading in December considering how busy the month was with Christmas and New Year and the hot mess that comes along with the holidays. I read four books and got about 150 pages into a fifth, and they were all good books! A perfect way to end my first year back reading regularly.

To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee
Amazing. Amazing! To Kill A Mockingbird is the story of a girl named Scout growing up in Southern America in the thirties during the depression and deals with racial inequality and rape and the roles of women and men all while being a really lovely read. I saw the play of this tale in Manchester a couple of years ago and loved in, and the book really stood up to that. It took me a while to read- a little under three weeks- because of how rich the plot and writing was and I found myself, for the first time, wanting to draw out the read but oh I adored it. The characterisation was dead on, the development of the characters and the overlying story of Boo Radley was just so heartwarming.
It’s one of the best books I read in 2014 and definitely the best classic, I feel like it really taught me a lot. I’d urge everyone to pick up this book and I really feel like re-reading it soon. It makes me sad that so many have been put off by reading this in school- I know school put me off a lot of books that maybe I need to give a second chance..

Mystery in White: A Christmas Crime Story by J. Jefferson Farjeon
This was a gift from my mum that she gave me half-way through December as we neared Christmas and it’s a book to pick up around that time if you want some festive scenery description and a mysterious crime that spread over 20 years. A trail is stopped by snow and several of the passengers leave to walk to the station, only to get lost and come upon a house where the tea is set and the fires are burning but nobody is home.
It took me quite a while to read, half because it was a busy time and half because I wasn’t really gripped by the tale. The writing is a reflection of the time it was written and it was a lot less dark than modern crime stories. I’m not quite sure about it even now. I did like the characters though, there was a pretty wide range and they were all well developed and sometimes quite funny!

Three Bedrooms, One Corpse by Charlaine Harris
This series continues to be great in the third book when Roe finds a corpse in the main bedroom of a three bedroom house- I’ll admit, I kind of expected it to be… divided. But hey. This was preferable. This series is what is called cosy crime but always manages to surprise me about who the murderer is amongst all the normal life and romance and family talk. I normally finish these books super quickly and this was no exception as I read the whole story over a very bust weekend.
Alas, this was the last book in the super cheap set of three I got from The Book People (10% off with that link!) but I got the fourth for Christmas and I’m looking forward to finding out what happens next.

Red Rising by Pierce Brown*
Oh my goodness. I don’t know what I was expecting from this book but oh my goodness. I’ll admit it took me a while to get hooked in this book but once it got it’s claws it, it really got it’s claws in. Simply, this book is about a young man called Darrow who is a ‘Red’ and works under the surface of Mars as a miner of a terraforming substance so Mars can become habitable for humans. But, plot twist, Mars is already habitable and Reds are just slaves constantly working away with nothing to show for it. This book is crazy, there’s so much going on and so much action and drama that it’s a punch in the chest feeling every chapter. I was so impressed at this that I immediately needed to read the second book, published 6th January, and I’m just- speechless.
I was talking to a friend and described this as ‘everything a lot of YA books could be if they were a bit better’, and I stick by that. If you’re a fan of the Hunger Games, Game of Thrones, Chronicles of the Invaders, heck- even if you’re not you need to pick up a copy of this book. Incredible, I’m itching to read the second book.

So that’s it for the year! I’ll be doing a big round up sometime next week. I can’t believe I’ve done 12 months of Books I Read in.. posts! I’m also doing a little blog survey to see what I can improve in the new year, I’d love it if you could take a couple minutes to fill it in here!

Have you read any of these books? What did you read this month?

*I was sent this book for review. It has not changed my opinion. Post contains affiliate links to Amazon.
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Hello 2015!

Goodbye to 2014 and Hello to 2015! A new day. A new year. I spent my night in with my family and neighbours then went to bed to read Bridget Jones’s Diary and today I’m watching the movies and having a generally chilled out day. I’m pretty thrilled 2014 is over and I’m looking forward to the fresh start with some fresh perspectives.

New Years on Animal Crossing!

In my Hello 2014 post I wanted to do more:
Writing. I was doing pretty well writing every day until October when I started getting some pretty uncomfortable wrist pain. But now I’m seeing a physiotherapist twice a week and hopefully it’ll go away completely soon.
Reading. I’m doing a big post about this soon but my aim for 2014 was to read 14 books and I wasn’t sure I was actually going to manage that. I ended up reading 56 books. I’m so proud of myself, just looking at that number makes me a little tearful.
Knitting. I failed on this one. I did finish one of the two ‘plu flu’ stuffed toys for my friend but much like my writing, my wrist pain really got in the way of this goal.
Blogging. Eh. Could do better. Plan to do better.
Travelling. 2014 wasn’t a great year for travelling, I made my way to Florence and hopped back to Italy when the opportunity to see family arose but it was all very small time. Nowhere new!
Anything that makes me happy. I spent time with my friends, watched way too many terrible horror movies, wrote, read, blogged- I think I did okay with this one.

Things I want to do in 2015:
Travel. I love travelling, I truly believe it’s the one thing you can buy that makes you richer and as a want-to-be writer, the experiences and seeing other cultures is super important. 2015 is going to be a big year; I’m going to Vegas with my best friend of 17 years. I also plan to visit her in Spain where she lives. Those are my two set in stone trips, but I’m hoping for some small time trips too.
Crack down on my Degree work. I really want to do some great things for my degree this year, I’ve been getting some really nice feedback that is very encouraging so I’m hoping to get the ball rolling again after taking a break over Christmas.
Mark 3 things off my 30 before 30 list. To complete my 30 before 30 list I have to do three things a year as I started it when I was 20! More on this in my birthday update.
Keep blogging. I love my blog and I really want 2015 to be the year that I become truly happy with it including a bit more of a schedule to posts and a professionally done blog design.
Declutter. I’m a terrible hoarder of stuff and the other day I was thinking about wha I actually need to be happy and how if things have been shoved in drawers or in storage for months/years- why the heck do I still have them? 2015 is the year for getting rid and saving money.
Reading and Writing. More and better hopefully. And with less time staring at empty pages in desperate hope that something will come to me.
Learn German. Pretty simple to say- difficult to do. I’m hopeful. Or Ich bin hoffnugsvoll. I have a new German phrase a day calendar and the Duolingo app set to remind me every day!
More things that make me happy.

And as one of my Animal Crossing villagers said today; “Remember to take 2015 at your own pace. It isn’t a race.” 

What are your hopes for 2015? Did you have a nice New Years?
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